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Feeding the Hungry Babies
September 13, 2020
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Stepmom Seduces ABDL Son
September 20, 2020


ABDL in pink bondage jacket

” Please let me join, Mommy Crissy!” His pathetic begging still echoes in my mind, as I fondly remember one of my favorite FemDom experiences. There I was, with one already well-trained female ABDL named Trixie and a boy in sissy training that I named Bambie. My plan was devious. I would use Trixie for my own gratification while I forced Bambie to watch in desperation. He could not masturbate or participate in any way.”It is very important that you learn to only cum when I’ve instructed you. If you can make it through this gauntlet of spanking, facesitting, and verbal degradation without making cummies in your diaper, I promise your reward will be something from your wildest fantasies. Isn’t that right, Baby Trixie?” I said, lovingly stroking the pigtails of my little in her pretty pink bondage jacket. She looked up at me adoringly and nodded enthusiastically. I simply love girls in diapers. Especially pink ones. A brief memory of her as a bratty untrained sub crossed my mind. Thinking of her disrespect in those early days gave me inspiration for the scene to begin. A wicked smile crossed my full lips. Bambie was in his fully plastic onesie, nearly shaking with anticipation. ” If you’re already this anxious, you’re in for a long night, Sissy. In fact, go ahead and apologize for rushing me”, I commanded. “But I didn’t..”Bambie began to stutter. I raised my eyebrow and made eye contact with Trixie. “Uh-oh” she said, eyes wide. “Uh-oh is right, my precious one.” I quickly crossed the room and gave Bambie a sharp swat on his ass. “I’m sorry, Mommy Crissy”, he said, calming himself. “My my, you learn fast. You might not be as worthless as I thought”, I said with a hint of amusement in my voice. Bambie smiled.
I commanded Trixie to lay down on her back. I lifted my skirt to reveal I was not wearing panties and straddled her pretty face. She began to lick me just the way I trained her. I moaned in pleasure. As I removed my shirt and bra to better access my breasts, I slyly peeked at Bambie. His cheeks were red. “Bambie, I can see your little peepee standing at attention. Do you like this, you little sissy?” my voice filled the room, startling my littles. ” Yes Mommy Crissy” he responded. “I bet you do. You pervert. Why don’t you ask permission to relieve yourself? And you, Trixie, I don’t remember telling you to stop!” as I spoke, I rose to my feet. Bambie asked ” Mommy Crissy, may I touch my tiny peepee?” I laughed and said “absolutely not”. Trixie had already obediently bent herself over a nearby counter edge for her punishment. “What a good girl, I remarked.
I teasinlgly ran my hands across her full breasts, down the curves of her waist and removed her diaper. Her bare ass was begging to be smacked. I swatted her with my hand, five times one each cheek. I smacked her pussy just for good measure. She said “Thank you, Mommy Crissy”. My hand began to move between her legs. She moaned. I looked over at Bambie. My little sissy was standing at attention. He was headed in the right direction for a reward. Oh, the possibilities!
Trixie was turned toward me now, rubbing herself against my hand. Suddenly, I had an idea. I whispered in her ear my plan and she nodded in agreement. I knew she would, being the ever the loyal sub. “Come closer, Bambie” my voice was smooth and inviting. He timidly walked towards me. “You’ve been such a good boy. I need you to beg for your reward. On your knees” he obliged at the sound of my command. “Please let me join Mommy Crissy” he exclaimed. The pressure that had built was unbearable for him now. I smirked and motioned for him to stand up. Trixie dropped to her knees. As I removed the onesie I had locked in to place, I felt Bambie shudder with pleasure. I freed his tiny peepee and went to stand behind Trixie. Her pigtails were an excellent tool for me to use as I guided her in satisfying Bambie with her mouth.
My two ABDLs were both pleased beyond measure. I felt that for a first day, it couldn’t have gone better. It was music to my ears when they both exclaimed “Thank you, Mommy Crissy”.
ABDL Mommy Crissy


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