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Training a New Sissy
September 16, 2020
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Wake Up, Sissy Boy!
September 20, 2020

Tawny woke up early one Sunday morning and yawned, arching her back in a stretch like a cat. Today was an exciting day indeed! It was her birthday. How old? Well a lady never tells… Getting up out of bed, she decided that a nice hot shower would be a great way to wake up and get her blood flowing that morning. She turned the shower on nice and hot and stripped free of her clothing, letting it fall into a small pile at her feet. She reached a hand into the stream of water and waited until it was nice and warm and then smiling to herself, she stepped into the shower. Grabbing the shampoo, Tawny squirted a glob into her hand and leaned her head back into the water. Hotter! She grabbed the knob and made it nice and hot, bringing goosebumps to her skin. She massaged her scalp, thinking about what was in store for her today. Her husband had to work all day unfortunately, but that did mean that she would have their beautiful home all to herself for the day! Other than her ABDL stepson. She knew better than to think that he would be able to make it the whole day without needing her for something, helpless little thing that he is. She shrugged to herself, knowing that she was an experienced stepmommy who would be able to have him taken care of in no time so she could get back to pampering herself on her special day. Well, when do things ever go as smooth as we plan? No sooner had Tawny gotten out of the shower, wrapped in her towel and sitting on the bed to rub in some floral scented lotion all over her body, did she hear a whining coming from down the hall. She sighed and stood up, holding her towel to her chest as she made her way towards the source of the whining. It did not take her very long to come across her stepson sitting on his diapered bottom at the end of the hallway, tears streaming down his cheeks. Well, Tawny supposed that her anticipated glass of red wine would have to wait, and she walked over to the boy and kneeled beside him. After several moments of coaxing and talking softly and sweetly to him, eventually he came around and spilled the beans about what was bothering him so much. It seems that he woke up with his little peepee getting hard, and then he walked by the bathroom and saw Tawny’s in the shower. Seeing an older woman naked was enough to get him hard and whining for release. Well, it wasn’t a very hard seduction process. All Tawny had to do was pull her shirt down to show off those mature tits, and that crying baby boy was smiling and rubbing his cock through his diaper within moments! Today would be a great birthday, complete with getting to show a little one just how a stepmommy touches his dick.

Stepmom Tawny
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