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Age Regression With Mommy Candy
October 25, 2020
Man Wearing Diaper with sleeping in his home
Silly Baby Forced To Use His Diapers!
October 25, 2020

Fair warning to all of the naughty little diaper sissies who find themselves crossing my path: if I see that you are sneaking out of those thick disposable adult baby diapers when me or any other mommy who takes care of you is not looking, those bare little cheeks of yours are going to be so very red and hot from spankings by the end of the day. Now that that is out of the way, I thought that I might take the time to share with you my most recent adventures with one extra naughty little one who ended up in my clutches… This bad little baby came to me with no diaper on and a pair of totally messed pants. Turns out that he was in the neighborhood visiting some of his buddies down the street when he paid one price for trying to get out of wearing a diaper like he is supposed to do. Well in my mind I had already decided that this naughty boy certainly deserved to be standing in front of my with pee pee and a stinky poo poo mess running down his legs and dripping all over my front porch. I grabbed his little hand and led him into my house and down the hallway into the abdl nursery. Avoiding getting myself totally covered in that stinky mess, I helped him up and on top of the changing table, getting him to lay down so I could yank those smelly pants off and get a good look at his messy little pee pee and bottom. His face turned bright red at the sudden speed with which I pulled off his pants. Now he knew as well as I did that he was about to be forced into diapers since he obviously has been able to sneak out of his diapers every time before. That was before he met me though. It is probably the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to him the moment he decided to knock on my door instead of picking any of the others in the neighborhood. I made sure to give a nice thorough diaper change… God knows he needed it. I went through more baby wipes than I could count, throwing them out as quickly as I could wipe off areas that were just so stinky and messy. Of course, I have to put plenty of sweet smelling baby powder in between those little legs and all over that cute little bottom. This is a whole new life for this little trouble maker of mine, and I just know that in time, he will come to realize that every little thing that I do is to make sure that he is a well behaved and well taken care of little man. You can be sure about that little bit of truth!

Stepmommy Tawny
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