A Surprise Awaits You… Part 2
August 20, 2023
End Of Summer Fun
August 27, 2023


Early Friday morning, Brenda took her adult baby, Jeffrey, to daycare and went to work after telling him to be good and behave himself. Jeffrey was still getting used to daycare since it was only his second week, and most days, he whined in the morning because he didn’t want to go. This morning, once he saw Josie, the teacher in charge of his classroom, he smiled and waddled to her after kissing Mommy goodbye. Miss Josie told him good morning with a bright smile, a kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the bottom, then gently directed him toward the other babies. Jeffrey got down to his hands and knees to crawl over to some of his new friends. Some babies were sitting on the floor playing with some toys, others coloring at a kiddie table, and the rest were dancing to the music on the radio. Jeffrey decided to join the ones dancing, not because he liked to dance, but simply because the first friend he made at daycare was dancing, and he wanted to join him. Once all the students arrived, the first activity for that day was to paint a canvas with what they loved the most. Jeffrey first drew Brenda, then his friend from daycare, and when he was going to paint his favorite food, mashed potatoes, he couldn’t find the yellow crayon near him. He looked around his table, saw it across from him, and reached to grab it. The second he held it, Darius, the child in front of him, cried out for it. Josie tried to calm them down, but Jeffrey, frustrated that he couldn’t have the yellow crayon, also cried out. Jeffrey’s friend handed him a yellow coloring pencil and returned the crayon to Darius, and both stopped crying. Josie sat Jeffrey and the other baby next to each other during lunch to make them make-up. They didn’t fight, but they didn’t talk either, and for Josie, that was a good thing. After lunch, everyone took a nap, and Jeffrey fell asleep while holding his friend’s hand and cuddling with his teddy bear. After the rest, they were allowed to play however they wanted, and Jeffrey decided to play with some toys. He picked a green truck to be a firetruck and an orange car to be a police car. After some time, Jeffrey got bored and went to get something else. However, he started making a fuss when he saw Darius picking up the truck and the car he was no longer using.
Miss Josie stepped up, and after explaining that they had to share, she put him in the time-out corner when Jeffrey continued to cry. Once he calmed down, Miss Josie talked with him again, and Jeffrey nodded, aware of what he had done wrong. Darius approached Jeffrey, letting him choose between the truck and the car as a peace offering. Jeffrey chose the car and then hugged Darius apologetically. Happy that they were now friends, Miss Josie cuddled them closely. Later in the afternoon, Brenda arrived to pick Jeffrey up and was pleased to see he had made another friend. Jeffrey waddled to Brenda as quickly as possible and waved goodbye to his friends and Miss Josie, ready to head home after such a hectic day. Does that sound like the kind of day you would like? Call and tell me all about it!

Aunt Brenda


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