A Surprise Awaits You… Part 1
August 20, 2023
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August 24, 2023


You turn the knob and push the door open.  I stop you just as you step over the threshold.  Now time for part of your surprise.  I will untie the scarf and let it fall from your face so you can see what the surprise is.  Keep your eyes close until I tell you to open them.

I remove the scarf and tell you to go ahead and open your eyes.  I step aside out of the way so you can see the whole room and what has been done to it as one part of a surprise for you.  The room has been converted to an adult size nursery.

I smile as you look around, your eyes wide and your mouth slightly agape.  All of this is for you.  I thought you needed a break from every day life.  During this next week, you will be babied and coddled.  It’s your turn to relax and take it easy and I will do everything for you.

I’ll be your mommy.  And I’ll take very good care of you.  I stocked the nursery with everything you and I will need.  There are diapers, baby wipes, baby powder and butt cream.  And lots of cute little outfits.  This will be your room for this next week.

Now that you have seen the first part of your surprise, it’s time for the second part.  For this part, I will help you take off all your clothes.  If you are going to be babied, you have to have the full experience.  And from now on you will address me as mommy.

Mommy will help you undress, then mommy is going to help you up onto the changing table.  Once mommy has you laying up there then mommy is going to powder your little bottom and diaper you up.  Mommy will make sure your diaper is nice and snug.

We don’t want baby’s diaper to leak when you use it.  That diaper is for all of baby’s messes, from pee pee to poopy.  No more big potty, from now on you do all your business in your diaper.  And mommy will change your diaper once it’s full and squishy.

Mommy has all sorts of adorable clothes for you as well.  All different colors to chose from.  Mommy has bottles for you for when you’re hungry or thirsty and pacifiers for when you’re not hungry.  Lots of stuffies to play with and sleep with also.

Once mommy gets you diapered mommy will pick you up and cradle you in mommy’s lap.  Mommy just loves cuddling her sweet little baby.  Mommy rocks you and pats your little diapered butt.  Mommy gives your diaper a squeeze checking to see how squishy it is.

Mommy knows that diaper feels so good when it starts filling up.  All warm and wet as it spreads through your diaper, from front to back.  Mommy just knows you will love the way it feels as you sit in your soggy diaper and wiggle around.  Mommy will take such good care of you.

Mommy Candy


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