Mike Needs A Little Diapee Help! (part 2)
August 20, 2023
A Surprise Awaits You… Part 2
August 20, 2023

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  A special surprise just for you, well actually it’s something for both of us to enjoy.  I went out and picked up everything needed for it to happen.  I made a list so as not to forget anything.  Filled the whole back of the minivan up with stuff to surprise you with.

While you are out, I get started on rearranging one of the rooms.  I’m giving it a complete makeover.  It will be transformed into a completely different room from the guest bedroom it was.  I have everything needed to transform it into a lovely nursery.

And not just any nursery, but one that is specifically for you.  And everything necessary to make you into my sweet little diapered adult baby.  You have been working so hard lately, I figured it’s time for you to be spoiled and have someone take care of your every need and want.

I’m so excited to be that one.  I can’t wait to see your face when you come home and see what is waiting for you.  You probably won’t know what to say or even how to react at first.  But I think it’s something you really need.  A little vacation from every day life.

I finally get the room all set up just the way I want it.  You will be home soon and as soon as you walk into that door I will ready for you.  I can hardly sit still, I’m so excited.  The look on your face when you see what I have waiting for you will be worth every minute.

I bought enough supplies to stretch out over at least a week’s worth of time.  I am feeling so giddy, that I feel like my body is vibrating with anticipation.  I hear your key in the front door and sit up straighter, ready to jump up as soon as I see you.

I greet you excitedly, pressing a kiss to your mouth as I hug you tight.  I whisper breathlessly against your cheek that I have a surprise for you.  You look down at me with a slightly confused look, wondering what’s going on.  I pull out a scarf to wrap around your head to cover your eyes.

I tell you to trust me, I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, I promise.  I just don’t want you peeking before it’s time.  I take your hand into mine and lead the way slowly down the hall.  As much as I want to show you your surprise, I also want you to be super excited by the time we get there.

We get to the closed door and I stop you just outside it.  I place your hand on the door knob.  I’m going to let you have the honors of opening the door to your surprise.  I tell you on the count of three to open the door and take a step forward.

1…2…3…     To find out what the surprise is, check out Part 2…



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