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May 22, 2016
She was a lovely lady with a toy belt.
Little Shrimp Dick Loser
May 24, 2016
I notice you sitting down at the coffee table across from me. I can tell you’re the type of man I can play with and have some fun with. I walk over to your table and sit down without saying a word. You seem surprised and start asking me something about my name but I’m not paying attention. I smile mischievously and start rubbing your knee without responding. You’re caught of guard and under the table, I start running my hand up your leg towards the opening of your shorts and I feel your abdl-diaper. I tell you I like your diaper and can feel  your cock getting hard. I tell you that your being a good little abdl-baby. It makes me so horny to think how I would take you into the bathroom and sit you on the changing table to change your diaper. With you surprised at what this stranger is doing to you, I feel your cock getting harder and bigger until I feel you cum in your jeans underneath the table. What a good baby.
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abdl diaper

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