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Such A Busy Nursery
May 15, 2016
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Jizzing in Public
May 23, 2016

My sweet little Adult Baby Girl had been watching too many adult shows lately, so I decided something needed to change. I told her that from now on she can only watch shows that are approved by Mommy as appropriate for her age. First up on her list was Tinkerbell. I made sure she was nice and comfortable as she sat in my lap. Since my sweet baby girl already had a fresh clean diaper on I decided before we watched the movie together that I would nurse her. I unbuttoned my top and watched her eyes go wide in amazement. Next, I undid the right flap on my nursing bra and gently led her head to my breast as she opened her little mouth and began to suckle on Mommy’s Breast drinking all the sweet warm milk she could handle. When she looked full I took her off my breast, laid her against my chest and gently burped her till I heard the gas escape her little body. Well, the left one needed to be drained so we repeated the process on the other breast until she had her fill. Movie time can be amazing with Mommy so call me and let’s watch a movie together.


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