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August 20, 2021
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Mommy Candy is an abdl mom that likes it all.  Mommy will take very good care of you.  Each and every one of your needs will be catered to.  All fetishes are welcome at Phone A Mommy, so don’t be nervous about sharing what gets you excited, about what turns you on or about your darkest deepest secrets and desires.

Do you have a breastfeeding fetish?  Do you want to be cradled in mommy’s lap to nurse?  Mommy Candy hopes so…

Mommy’s heavy full boobies are needing to be nuzzled and sucked on, and mommy would love to rub her hard dripping nipple against your cute little mouth.  Open your lips and pull mommy’s nipple between your teeth.  Mmmm now close those lips and start sucking.  Feel mommy’s warm sweet milk squirt into your eager mouth and down your throat.

Tastes good, doesn’t it?  And there’s plenty more where that came from, lucky for you mommy has two for you to nurse from.  As you drink that yummy mommy milk, mommy rubs her hands all over your trembling body.  Brushing the hair back from your precious face as you suck from mommy.  Mommy just loves watching your little face as you enjoy all that mommy has to offer you.

Mommy rubs your back and pats your little bottom.  Sliding my hands to the front of you.  Your body pressed against mommy’s.  Mommy feels you start to wiggle and slowly slides her hand down to your hard throbbing peepee.  Oh my, someone is an excited little baby.

Mommy starts to squeeze and rub your dripping cock.  As your hips start bucking and humping against mommy’s hand, mommy starts sliding her hand up and down, stroking you gently at first.  I see you eyes close and hear a moan escape from between your nipple filled lips.

Mmmm you like that?  Mommy’s hand feels so good wrapped around your aching peepee.  You start to suck harder, moving your hips faster against mommy.  Mommy begins stroking you harder and faster as well.  As you milk mommy, mommy is going to milk you all your sticky cummies.  Mommy is going to make you explode your hot creamies all over mommy.

You will be putty in mommy’s loving experienced hands.  You will be begging for more from Mommy and you will have a definite Candy addiction.  You will belong to mommy and mommy will take the best care of you.  You will want for nothing, mommy will keep you entertained and satisfied.

Call now and experience the most intense incest phone sex of your life.  Mommy will make you her special little one and you will never need to worry about anything ever again.  Just pick up that phone and call mommy at 1-888-430-2010 for the ultimate good time, you can set up either a call or a private text session, anytime night or day.

Mommy is available 24/7 for her fetish loving naughty little perverts.  So don’t be shy and call Mommy Candy now!

Mommy Candy


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