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December 25, 2021
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Mommy can have so much fun with you in so many different ways.  Mommy decides that you have been such a good adult baby all year for Santa that now it’s time to be allowed to be naughty.  A little messy fun for mommy and baby.  Mommy knows how much you like to get dirty.  And truth be told, so does mommy.

Mommy thinks we’ll start with a little diaper bondage to get the mood set. Mommy lays you down and diapers your cute little bottom.  Once mommy has you all tied up and ready, mommy pulls out the toys.  Mommy has vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons, and ball gags.  Mommy has everything she needs to make you cum over and over.

Diaper sex is so much fun for mommy and baby.  We get to make a big mess and it’s mostly contained in a diaper that mommy can throw away.  And baby won’t be the only one making a sticky mess.  Mommy will be squirting all over baby and that diaper.  Now this is just the wet and sticky part of our messy day.  There will be lots of pee and cum squishing around us.

As mommy uses toy after toy on you, mommy gets more and more excited.  Feeling naughtier and nastier with each plunge.  Mommy stops and turns you over and pulls your diaper down just enough to shove a wide plug into your bottom.  Mommy has another surprise for our messy day.  Mommy needs to stretch you and get you ready,

A little scat sex is just what mommy has in mind for us today.  Mommy wants to see the poop as it pushes from you, as it oozes from your diaper.  Mommy wants to see and smell it.  Mommy wants to see the look on your face as you feel yourself open up and then feel the relief as it pushes past your sphincter.  The wrinkle of your nose as you catch the first whiff of your stench.

Mommy told you we were going to make a mess today.  And the fun isn’t over yet.  There’s so much more dirty messy excitement to enjoy.  Being and adult baby diaper lover can be so much fun.  And when we are done making a big mess, mommy will run a nice warm shower for us to get under and wash all the peepee, poopy and sticky cummies from our bodies.

We will take turns soaping each other thoroughly from head to toe.  Making sure that every inch of skin is washed.  Every dirty mess is cleaned.  We will be fresh as daisies when we are done.  Then mommy will lay you down and get you lotioned up, before sliding a thick diaper under you and powdering your little behind.

Mommy closes up your diaper and curls you against mommy’s body, cradling you and rocking you.  Mommy’s sweet baby, smelling sweet and looking so innocent.  Who would have thought, just minutes ago, mommy and baby were getting down and dirty?

Mommy Candy


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