Mike Gets Caught Being Naughty!! (Part 1)
November 17, 2023
Mike Gets Caught Being Naughty! (part 3)
November 23, 2023

(part 1) That day, Brenda got home and tried to act normal around Mike. However, Mike didn’t act differently, and she realized that he had done it so long that he didn’t have a problem acting like he hadn’t done a thing. She got through the rest of the day and went to sleep, thinking about what she planned to do to Mike. Two days later, the purple panties he had used were tucked towards the bottom of her panty drawer when she looked through it. She wore them like normal, and then at night, before she went to sleep, once Mike was in his room, she masturbated several times with her panties on, making sure they soaked well in her juices. The following day, like usual, Brenda took a shower and told Mike she was going out. She left the house, and after a few minutes, the camera app alerted her of movement in her room. Brenda quickly dashed home, watching the feed on her phone as Mike slowly walked into her room and fumbled around the hamper, trying to find her panties. However, Brenda had taken all her panties in her purse without Mike knowing. As he continued searching for her panties, Brenda sneakily arrived home and quietly walked to her room. She took all the panties from her purse and let her purse fall on purpose. Mike jumped from the noise and turned in an instant. His eyes went straight to Brenda’s hand, where she had all her dirty panties hanging in one finger, and as dread filled his mind, his eyes slowly met Brenda’s. “Were you looking for these?” asked Brenda, smiling mischievously. Mike shook his head, stammering as he tried to deny it, and right after, he looked down and tried to go past Brenda to get out of there. Brenda stepped in front of him with her phone in her hand, ready to play the video she had taken of him masturbating with her panties a couple of days before. Mike panicked seeing it, and Brenda shoved her dirty panties to his face before he could say anything back. She made him hold her panties to his face and bend over the bed. “Since you’re acting like a child,” said Brenda, pulling Mike’s shorts and boxers down to his ankles, “You will be treated like one.” Brenda then forced him to jerk off while sniffing her panties at the same time she smacked his ass. With each spank, Brenda increased the force she put to it. Mike kept moaning as he jerked off while being spanked. Not only that, but he moaned louder as Brenda belittled him and called him dirty for doing something like that. Brenda was getting into it as well, she felt her pussy getting wet from the excitement, and when her nephew came all over the bed, she, too, climaxed, pressing her legs tightly together. Mike didn’t suspect a thing and only heard her telling him to clean the mess he had made. Brenda walked out of the room and went outside to her car, pondering whether doing something like that was a good idea. Click here to find out what happens next!

Aunt Brenda


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