Joey Gets Some Abdl Hypnotism! (part 2)
November 2, 2023
Mike Gets Caught Being Naughty! (Part 2)
November 17, 2023

For a few weeks, Brenda wondered if she was losing it a bit. At first, she thought she was forgetting things that she’d done, but oddly enough, it was only about her panties. She’d remember putting them in the dirty clothes hamper but wouldn’t remember washing or putting them away when they would suddenly appear in her panty drawer. Brenda started paying more attention, checking the dirty clothes the next morning, and the panties would still be there. When she returned that afternoon, they wouldn’t always be gone, but they would be every few days. The only that had changed recently was that her nephew Mike had moved in with her a few weeks ago, but her mind shied away from thinking that he had anything to do with it. Brenda felt terrible for being suspicious of her nephew and decided to get proof before confronting him about it. She installed a camera in her room that would activate by motion, give her an alert on her phone, and transmit the feed from her bedroom directly to her phone.
The next day, while she was out and about, her phone alerted her that the movement sensors were activated in her room. She instantly checked the feed and saw Mike walking towards the hamper in the corner of her room. Mike reached out for it and, while putting some clothes to the side, he rummaged through them, seeming to be looking for something specific. He found the pair of panties she used just the day before and put the rest of the clothes back in place. Brenda was shocked and a little horrified when Mike lifted her panties to his and started sniffing her panties. She couldn’t look away while Mike continued to smell and rub his face on them, and she could even hear his breathing pick as he became more aroused. Mike, unaware he was being watched, leaned his back against the wall, facing the camera directly as his erection continued to grow. Brenda was feeling strange seeing such things play out with her nephew. She felt embarrassed about the excitement she was starting to feel. Mike pulled his shorts down along with his boxers, fully showing his hard cock. Brenda had her eyes glued to the screen of her phone as she watched her nephew jerking off with her panties around his cock. The fact that she felt turned on made her feel guilty for having such thoughts about her nephew. But seeing him thrust his hips with a tight grip around his cock, his face as red as it could, and his deep moans coming from her phone got her pussy wet, and she couldn’t deny it to herself. Mike came not long later and used her panties to clean off his cock and some drops of cum on the floor. Once he was done, he took her panties with him after pulling his shorts up. Brenda was still astonished by the turn of events, but a smirk spread across her face when she thought about how he should be punished and began to think about what the most humiliating way would be to do it. Click here to find out what happens next!

Aunt Brenda


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