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June 26, 2023
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July 1, 2023

adult baby boy loves his diapers

“I’m sure, Mommy! I’m a big boy now. I can handle it!”

Mommy Rosa smiled at Mikey, nodding in response, “Okay baby if you’re sure you’re ready… But you know it’s okay if you’re not.”

Mikey nodded, watching Mommy open a drawer and pull out a pair of training undies for him to wear. “Let’s get you changed into these, then! You’re getting so big, and soon you’re not going to need Mommy anymore” Both of them giggled at the idea, Mommy Rosa helping Mikey change his diaper and get into the training underwear.

“You look like such a big boy now! I’m so proud. Do you want to play with your toys and watch some cartoons while I do some work?”

“Yes, Mommy!”

Mommy Rosa took Mikey by the hand, leading him to his playroom, where all his toys and stuffed animals were. He immediately sat down and started playing with his favorite toys while Mommy turned on the TV for him. With a quick kiss on his head, Mommy left him alone, working on her list of chores for the day.

Every once and a while, between Chores, Mommy Rosa would come back and check on Mikey. Everything was okay the first couple of times, but she noticed his underwear was wet a third time. She grabbed a new pair of underwear and wet wipes, changing Mikey in his playroom.

“I’m not sure you’re a big boy, Mikey. Are you sure you don’t want a diaper?”

“No, Mommy! I can do it this time, I promise!”

“Okay, but remember, we must use the potty like a big boy! Make sure you come to get Mommy so that I can help you, okay?”

Mommy Rosa left Mikey alone in his playroom again, working on finishing the laundry, and the next time she checked on him, it was the same situation again. Mikey wasn’t ready for big boy underwear yet, but he was still confident he could handle it.

However, the third time that Mikey wet himself that day, his underwear was dripping wet, and he was holding back tears as he looked at Mommy Rosa.

“Come on, sweetheart, let’s go to your nursery, okay?”

Mommy Rosa took Mikey by the hand, helping him stand up and walk to his nursery. She stood before the changing table, and Mikey knew to climb and lie down on it. He struggled to hold back his tears, sniffling and whining as Mommy opened the drawers, pulling out everything she needed.

“Mikey, my love, it’s okay. I’m still proud of my baby boy, even if you aren’t ready for big-boy underwear yet!”

As Mommy Rosa spoke, she carefully cleaned Mikey up, placing a diaper on him this time instead of underwear.

“Mommy doesn’t mind changing you, and your bum looks so cute in a diaper anyways! Everything is alright, my sweet boy.”


“I promise, my love. You’re all changed. Let’s go to bed for a bit. Take a nap together. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Mommy!”

Mommy Rosa


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