Mommy Rosa Loves Her Abdl Boy!
July 1, 2023
Oh Oh Someone Needs A Diaper
July 3, 2023

“Brenda, the waiter was incompetent! He messed up the order two times! He deserved to be shamed like that in front of everyone!” It sounded as though Greg was trying to convince himself and Brenda of this as he took his shoes off. The two had just returned from dinner, and it was clear that Brenda was not amused by Greg’s antics at the restaurant but hadn’t said anything.

“I could have been worse. I was being nice, just complaining like I did!”

Brenda still didn’t respond, ignoring Greg’s panicked justifications as she headed towards their shared bedroom. But instead of stopping at that door, she continued down the hallway to their playroom. Greg’s face dropped when Brenda reached for the door handle, his panic now justified as he knew what was coming.

“This is not my fault! The waiter was the one at fault!”

Brenda opened the door to the playroom, and Greg’s voice fell along with his head, slowly shuffling into the room, Brenda following behind not long after. Brenda immediately went over to the wall of paddles, running her hand along each one before settling on the thick wooden one, holes drilled into it to make the smack even harder. Seeing her pick that paddle made Greg whine, but Brenda’s stern look immediately quieted him.

“Clothes off, folded neatly off to the side.”

Brenda was stern and straight to the point, and Greg didn’t hesitate to do what he was told. He stripped all his clothes off, carefully folding them to Brenda’s standards. Just anticipating what was to come had Greg hard, but he didn’t dare touch or even acknowledge it.

“Bend over, grab your ankles.”

Greg did what he said, completely helpless and on display for Brenda as she stared at him.

“I expect you to count and thank me for each one. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

The first smack knocked the air out of Greg’s lungs, and he hesitated momentarily, the stinging sensation distracting him for a moment.”

“One, Thank you, Ma’am.”

With each smack, Greg became louder, crying out after each paddling, making sure to thank Brenda for each one. The last ten were the worst; Greg’s ass was bright red, the skin stinging so severe that he could hardly stand it. But this was his punishment, and he could handle it.

“Fifty, Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Stand up.”

As soon as he did, Brenda slowly walked around him, letting the paddle drag along his hips before stopping on his erection and pushing against it lightly.

“Your punishment isn’t over yet, you’re not allowed to cum today, and you’re going to wear your cage tonight to ensure you can’t touch. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Greg was eager now, even knowing he wouldn’t be allowed to cum. Having Brenda punish him like this and touch him was enough to keep him happy.

“Good, now, start playing with yourself. Show me how much you enjoyed being punished today. I’m going to edge you all day long till your cock aches as much as your ass.”

“Yes, Ma’am”

Mistress Brenda


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