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Brenda Gives Some Appropriate Discipline
July 1, 2023
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Robert Becomes Brenda’s Sexy Sissy!
July 5, 2023




Mommy heard a gasp and looked over to see your pants slowly darken as the pee spread.  Oh oh, someone just wet themselves.  Accidents happen, but this is not the first one.  This has been happening more and more lately.  I think it’s time that mommy puts you back into diapers.

We can’t have you peeing yourself and making a mess every where.  Leaving pissy puddles all the floor or wet spots on the furniture, and mommy is tired of having to wash all your bedding and clothes every time.  At least with diapers, the mess is all contained, and mommy just has to lay you down and change you and then throw away the peepee diaper.

Mommy gets out a diaper and baby powder and baby wipes.  Mommy gets your diaper opened up and laid out, now mommy just needs you.  Come to mommy.  Mommy gets a nice warm bath ready for you, once mommy cleans you all up and dries you off, mommy will have you lay down on the open diaper.

Then mommy will powder your little bottom and rub it all in, soft and silky feeling against your little pussy.  Then mommy will close up your diaper and fasten the tabs, making sure your diaper is nice and snug, so baby doesn’t leak.  That’s right, if you’re going to act like a baby, mommy is going to treat you like a baby.

Once diapered, mommy will put you in a cute little onesie that snaps in the crotch.  And now for another surprise:  mommy has a baby bottle for you, would you like some milk or juice?  Mommy said she was going to treat you like a baby now.

Mommy will cradle you in her arms and hold you tight, giving you cuddles as mommy puts the nipple of your bottle between your lips.  That’s a good little diaper girl.  Looking so precious as you suck on your baba.  Mommy rocks you, rubbing your back and patting your diapered bottom.

Mommy’s sweet little angel.  Mommy squeezes your diaper every now and again, to check on it.  We don;t want you getting so full, it leaks on mommy’s lap.  From now on you will always be in a diaper, the only time you will not be is when mommy is changing you or giving you a bath.

No more big girl panties or big potty for you.  Mommy has lots of diapers, so no need to worry.  Mommy will take very good care of you.  You are now mommy’s little diapered baby and you will behave as one.  Remember, everyone loves a baby.

Do you need a mommy to take care of you?  A mommy to change your squishy diapers and treat like the sweet little adult baby that you are?  If so, then give Mommy Candy a call anytime and mommy will make sure you are taken very good care of.

Mommy is available for private sessions 24/7.  Don’t wait a moment longer, call Mommy Candy now.

Mommy Candy 



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