You Belong to Me
June 26, 2023
Mommy Rosa Loves Her Abdl Boy!
July 1, 2023




Mommy is feeling so horny, does anyone want to come play with mommy and help with that?  You can slowly strip mommy of her clothes until mommy is completely naked.  Leaving mommy’s lacey red thong panties til last, mommy will kick them off, making them land on your head.

As mommy laughs, you can grab mommy’s ankles and flip mommy on to her side.  Mommy quickly puts her hand up to cover herself, but you pull it away just as quickly to smack mommy’s ass for being a bad girl.  Mommy squeals and then giggles.

Just as quickly you flip mommy onto her back and spread her legs, opening them wide.  Looking down at that pretty pink pussy, seeing how it glistens.  Mommy’s pussy so moist and tight.  You reach slowly out, your fingertips brushing against mommy’s pussy lips, causing mommy to gasp and quiver.

Mommy lays there in anticipation for what will happen next.  Mommy realizes she’s holding her breath and lets it out with a whoosh.  As mommy’s body relaxers, you slide a finger inside, twisting your finger slightly from side to side.  Making mommy moan loudly.

Mommy feels you shift and looks down to see you bend your head down and then gently kiss mommy’s inner thigh making your way up to that pulsating pussy.  Mommy wiggles and writhes as she feels your lips touch that extremely aroused pussy.

Soon you are licking mommy from ass to clit, paying special attention to that engorged button.  Making mommy tremble.  As soon as you close your mouth and latch your lips around mommy’s clit and start flicking it and sucking on it, mommy explodes.  Squirting all over your face and neck.

As mommy’s body slowly starts to relax from her intense orgasm, you crawl up between mommy’s legs and kiss mommy deeply.  Mommy can taste her sweet juices on your lips and tongue.  As we kiss each other, mommy wraps her legs around your torso pulling you closer.

Your hard throbbing cock finding it’s way to that drenched dripping pussy.  We groan into each other’s mouths as you slide deep inside mommy.  We lay there entangled in each other’s arms, our bodies melded together.  Soon you start moving your hips, sliding in and out, picking up speed with each thrust.

Within minutes you are fucking mommy like a wild animal.  Our bodies covered in a sheen of sweat as we get closer and closer to climaxing.  The room filled with our panting and grunts.  With  an ear shattering scream, we orgasm and your body slumps against mommy’s exhausted body.

We lay there in silence, the only sounds in the room is our labored breathing as we come down from an intense cumming.  Eventually we fall asleep in each other’s arms, our sticky bodies nestled against one another.  Our eyes closed and smiles of satisfaction on our faces.

For more fun and excitement, call Mommy Candy and let’s play.  Mommy wants to make you a hot sticky mess as well.

Mommy Candy



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