A sultry fair girl sits on the bed, dressed in a black and white ensemble.
Toilet Slave Chapter 1
February 28, 2016
cuckold A lady dressed in white stood in the foreground.
Toilet Slave Chapter 5
March 6, 2016

Oh how I love Mommy’s abdl-baby. Baby and I do everything together.

Today as I get the morning started, I walk into your nursery and I see you standing up in your crib ready to greet me. As I say good morning, you start jumping up and down, excited to see me. Aww Mommy’s baby is so cute. I take you out of your crib and I walk over to the rocking chair and set you on my lap. I pull down my shirt so that you can be breastfed. Aww Mommy loves looking at her baby. You stare at me with those big eyes as you hungrily suck on my breasts. When you’re finished, I decide our day can be started. I pick out a pink dress with ruffle trim for you to wear and you love it. I put you on the changing table and grab a new abdl-diaper to change you. I tickle your tummy as I change you and I can tell baby is as excited as I am to spend the day together.




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