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In the ass
December 5, 2015
A Woman Showing her Boobs with takeoff her bra
ABDL Breastfeeding Phone Sex with Mommy Candy
December 7, 2015

I can see you have been a very naughty baby this year.  Mommy Candy does not like to give spankings, but you see I have no choice now.  I have caught you playing with your baby dick and staring at my picture on your night stand.  Is it that you find Mommy Candy so, so, sexy and irresistible that you can’t help yourself?  This is not the only time I have caught you. This is when I let it be known that I have been watching you the entire year and watching you at times you didn’t know I was watching.  I bet when Mommy Candy spanks you, it will get that little baby dick of yours ALL hard and excited.  It will be so hard that you will want to make a nice mess in that diaper of yours as you lay across my lap and I spank that bottom of yours.  You love the feel of Mommy Candy’s hand on that bottom of yours and you love when your head is resting against my nice, large, firm, breasts.  Oh look! I found a pair of my sweet smelling panties under your mattress!  Now call Mommy Candy to get that well deserved spanking of yours you naughty baby! 888*430*2010

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