Mommy and Baby Roleplay
September 6, 2015
Starry Night With Mommy Liz
September 11, 2015

Don’t you just love the naughty feeling of doing something you’re not supposed to when Mommy isn’t watching? Well, you better hope this Mommy doesn’t find out that you were playing in her clothes! If I ever caught my little boy prancing around in a dress like a Sissy, I’d be so angry with him that I would pick him up and bend him right over my knee. I’d slap his bottom with the palm of my hand, spanking him until his bottom turned bright red! After his spanking, I’d force him into a girly pink diaper and a cute pair of shoes to match the dress he had been playing in. As I pull his face towards mine and start putting some pretty pink lipstick on him, I would tell him how disappointed Mommy is that her little boy wants to look like a girl, and that when I was finished with him, he’d never want to put another dress on. Once I finish with his makeup, I would force him to go out in public dressed like a cute ABDL girl, holding Mommy’s hand as we walk through the mall together and telling him how pretty Mommy thinks he is. 

Little does he know, that’s only the beginning of his punishment and humiliation!



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