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Sissy Lisa Sucks On Brenda’s Toes And Loves It!
July 5, 2023
Brenda Gets Kinky Over Her Husband’s Diapers!
July 9, 2023

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“Pick up the pace, Judith. We don’t want to keep the pretty ladies waiting.”

Brenda turned her head back to look at Judith, gently tugging on the pink leash attached to Judith’s collar. Judith struggled to keep up, her clittie already getting hard just from knowing what was to come. She loved going to the Salon, letting all the ladies watch and tease her while she cleaned.

When they arrived at the Salon, all eyes were on the two. Judith carefully grabbed the hem of her pink maid skirt, curtsying low enough to show off her pink panties and hard clittie through the fabric.

“Hi, Judith! Looking very pretty today.”

One woman who worked at the Salon spoke to her, giving Judith a warm smile as she worked on a client, taking a moment to eye Judith up and down, taking in her cute outfit. Judith couldn’t help but blush, the compliments and smiles going straight to her clittle, feeling it twitch as her panties grew wetter with each passing moment.

Brenda gave Judith a slight nod as she sat down, signaling her to get to work. Judith did what she was told without hesitation, picking up the broom and dustpan. As she swept, she could feel the older woman’s eyes on her, their smiles, giggles, and even lustful looks on their faces. It all excited Judith to the point that it was hard to even focus on the cleaning.

“What a cute little sissy doing her job.”

One of the clients came up behind Judith, spanking her butt with an open palm, laughing as Judith jumped forward, a deep blush forming on her cheeks. The teasing was relentless, hands slipping under her short skirt, hands caressing her butt. The teasing only worsened the wet spot, making it apparent enough for everyone to see.

“Aw, Brenda, I don’t know if she will make it. Look how her clittie keeps twitching.”

Brenda smiled as Judith turned towards her, shuffling to stand before her. There was no hesitation as she dropped to her knees, looking up at Brenda wide-eyed.”

“Please, may I touch myself in front of everyone? I need to cum.”

“Well… let’s see what everyone else thinks, Judith.”

A chorus of yes’s and she deserves it rang out within the Salon, and Brenda went ahead and gave Judith the go-ahead to touch herself.

Judith’s hand immediately slipped under her wet panties, fondling her clittie, stroking it a few times as her loud moans rang out within the Salon. Everyone watched intently as Judith came all over her fingers within ten seconds of touching.

“Good girl, now lick your fingers. You can’t keep yourself a mess.

Judith slowly licked the cum off her fingers, swallowing every drop until her fingers were clean. Wiping the saliva off on her apron, Judith stood on shaky legs, looking to Brenda for reassurance.

“You put on such a good show for everyone Judith, such a good girl for all of us.”

Would you like to put on such a pretty show yourself? You need to call me and tell me all your dirty fantasies!

Aunt Brenda


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