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Kinky Mommy Rewards Her Abdl Boy!
December 1, 2019
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Sissy Baby Blackmail
December 5, 2019

Sometimes when I am out shopping for some new adult baby clothes or toys, or when I find myself in the grocery store, I will be walking around minding my own business and suddenly catch a strong whiff of something terribly stinky and all too familiar… This ABDL Mommy has a nose that is used to seeking out even the most discreet of babies when they have big poopy accidents. After I smell it, I always take a moment or two to glance all around me, using my Mommy eyes to diligently scan my surroundings to find the source of that smell. It never takes too long to find the nervous, blushing ABDL shuffling from foot to foot as they attempt to mask the truth of what lies inside of that thick, saggy diaper. When my gaze hones in on them, they all but melt into the floor trying to get away. Such smells will not be allowed to continue where innocent passerby are trying to shop! Of course I make a b-line right for that little stinker and grab hold of their wrist so that I can begin dragging them off towards the ladies’ room and the changing table that waits inside. When we get into the bathroom, we approach the table and I waste no time in yanking those pants down to expose the discolored, saggy diaper swaying between their legs. Their embarrassment is all too evident on their face, but that never discourages me! It only urges me on to laying them down on the changing table so that we can get that diaper opened up and I can get to work properly cleaning up that messy bottom and getting a nice, fresh thick disposable diaper to get them all taped up nice and snug inside of. If there is one thing that I am sure of, it is the fact that that stinky baby will be looking over their shoulder the next time they make a big, stinky mess in public.
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