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September 25, 2021
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September 26, 2021




Are you in need of a little diaper therapy?  I just love diapers myself, and I bet you will too.  We could have a little play date and get back to the basics.  Mommy can strip us naked, lay us down and then put us in a cute snug diaper.  We can crawl around and play in the nursery and with our diapers on we don’t have to worry about anything.  Diapers are meant to be used.

There’s nothing better than the feel of warm pee filling your diaper.  It feels so good when I peepee in my diapee.  Makes my whole body relax, all tension, all stress just seems to disappear with the flow of pee.  Talk about washing away the tediousness of adult life.  Ahhhhhh….

At the phoneamommy mom hotline, there are so many mommies and diaper girls to choose from.  There’s a mommy for every fetish imagined.  I am Baby Stacey and I love playing with mommies, other adult babies, and daddies too.  And I love it all!  So any fetish you like, are curious about or have always wanted to try, then I’m your girl.

Make me your toy to play with and use as you desire.  Let down your inhibitions and explore your naughty side.  Nothing is off limits and nothing is taboo.  What ever your dirty little mind can think of, I’m excited to try.  Make me your good little girl.  Do anything you want with me, please daddy.

With abdl therapy, you get to experience being treated like a good baby (or bad baby if desired), you get to be diapered and cuddled in mommy’s lap or spanked if necessary.  Mommy will take very good care of us and all our needs.  And when mommy isn’t around I’ll take care of you.

Come crawl into my lap and I’ll rock you and rub you.  I’ll check your diaper by squeezing it and wiggling it.  And if you get excited in your diaper, I’ll help with that too.  I love licking hard peepees, it’s like a yummy sucker for me.  Would it be okay if I lick and suck on your peepee?

We can have so much fun together.  We will never want the fun to end.  The best part about being an adult baby is getting to be spoiled by everyone.  Who doesn’t love a baby, right?

And when mommy’s not looking, I can climb up on top of your diaper and bounce.  Our warm squishy diapers rubbing against us as I rock my diaper against yours.  Makes my little pussy feel so good and makes me even wetter in my diaper.  I just love making your peepee get hard in your diaper and then when you hold my diapered hips and start humping against me, oh my goodness!!

I can’t help but moan as I start to squirt in my diaper.  My legs quivering as I sit on you.  Your thrusts against me as you grunt and cum in your diaper makes me my pussy spasm.  See I told you we would have so much fun together.

ABDL Stacey


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