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January 5, 2021
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January 9, 2021




Tsk tsk…Mommy Candy has some naughty little ones that are in need of spanking.  Time outs and standing in the corner doesn’t seem like enough punishment for what you did this time.

Mommy told you what would happen the next time you disobeyed mommy.  No no! Don’t try to get out of it now!

Last time mommy had to get after you for being bad, you were told what the consequences would be the next time mommy had to get after you.  And mommy always keeps her word.

Mommy has one lap and two naughty adult babies…hmmm so mommy has to decide who was the ring leader of this bad behavior.  As mommy looks from face to face, watching for any tell tale signs of who started it all, mommy notices that one of her little ones is having a problem looking at mommy and keeps shuffling his feet.

Now that mommy knows who, mommy strips your little undies down and lays you across the bed.  For being such a bad boy, mommy will use the belt for your spanking.  No amount of fussing or crying will change what is about to happen.  mommy raises the belt and slowly starts to count down from three.  3…2…1 SMACK!!

A grin spreads across mommy’s face as she hears the crack of the belt and the hiss of pain that escapes your pursed lips.  Mommy looks over at your sister…don’t go any where little girl, you’re next!

Tears are already running down those pink little cheeks as brother’s bottom cheeks start to darken more and more with each strike of the belt.  Mommy decides a nice even number of six is perfect for that little red butt.

Mommy leaves brother laying face down, his muffled sobs echoing through the room as mommy moves to a chair in the corner.  Mommy looks at her little girl and beckons for her to come to mommy.

Your bottom lip sticks out as you begin to pout…should have listened to mommy about behaving.  Mommy looks at you sternly and tells you that unless you want the belt like brother, you better hurry up and get over here!  As soon as you get within arm’s reach, mommy grabs you and puts you over her lap.

With a pull of those panties, mommy uncovers that little bottom quickly.  Mommy feels you start to tremble as mommy rubs her palm over your quivering cheeks.  Mommy loves the feel of a little one over her lap waiting to be spanked.

Mommy lifts her hand from your backside, and as mommy feels you clench mommy brings her hand down with a loud resounding slap to your left cheek.  Oohhh mommy just loves the sting and heat of skin on skin as mommy spanks your bare bottom with her bare hand.

Even though you are crying, you start to wiggle against mommy’s lap.  Soon mommy feels more than the wetness of your tears.  Watching brother get spanked and then being across mommy’s lap for your own spanking has caused some little girl to get excited.

Mommy Candy


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