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I Will Milk It So You Can Drink It
July 24, 2020
Adult Boy Wearing the messy wet dirty Diaper
You’re A Baby, Silly!
July 27, 2020

Ewww! What a pair of stinky ABDL cuties I have on my hands today! What ever is a mommy to do? What a silly question, but mommy asked it to see what your reaction would be knowing that it was time to get all cleaned up like good babies. The look on your faces tells me that you are so very excited to get to take a bath with your fellow adult baby, and that you know how much fun you will have during bath time! Those diapers on your bottoms are so thick already, but I can tell — and smell, that you are both more than ready for a diaper change! Well that will come after we get you both squeaky clean in the bath! I run the water nice and warm so it relaxes and soothes you babies after such a long hard day. I always pour in a large amount of bubbles to make sure that you get to play and enjoy them while you splash in the bath and I wipe you down with a washcloth, getting every bit of mess off of you. What sweet babies this ABDL Mommy has! I am so lucky! After plenty of play time in the bath, the bubbles are starting to pop, the water is getting cold, and it is high time to fish my water babies out. I have a warm towel ready for when you both step out and I dry you off gently before we put fresh diapers on you and mommy rocks you to sleep. Isn’t bath time wonderful?
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