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Splish Splash – ABDLs in the Bath
July 26, 2020
Young Man Taking diaper Selfie In Front Of Mirror At Home
Public Humiliation for My ABDL Baby Boy In The Gym
August 1, 2020
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What on earth is it with all the babies that keep having accidents in their undies because they always have this silly idea about them being grown men? Is there something in the water? Every time I have this conversation, when I have to firmly tell someone that if they need to be put back in diapers that they are not grown, they act so surprised! If you can’t even wipe yourself properly, why should I let you keep clinging to that silly little fantasy? If you’re messy like a baby, then that is just what you are. A silly adult baby that needs to be kept in adult baby diapers and there’s no arguing about that! Maybe later if you are very, very good I might start your potty training, though I doubt it’s going to stick. Are you a silly baby in denial yourself? Call me for some age play phone sex so I can help straighten you out!

Aunt Brenda


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