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November 15, 2020
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November 15, 2020

Lately, I have been feeling just a teensy little bit neglected by my babies. I am quite a strict and firm stepmommy, but I do so much for my little ones, loving them and taking care of their every little need day in and day out. I do not expect anything in return, in fact, I absolutely love that I am able to wake up every day and know that I will be spending my time doing something that I love so very much. There are times in every mommy, stepmommy, or care giver’s life in which they doubt whether or not their little ones do actually appreciate and know just what we do to make sure that our ABDL sweeties are safe, healthy, and happy. I think that it is time to get those little ones that I spend so much time tending to, to show me just how much they appreciate me and the things that I do… What might be a good way to get them to prove that to me? Why… Through good and proper foot worship, of course! Though there are some little ones out there who just love and go crazy over a pretty pair of feet. I am not quite referring to those babies in particular, though they will surely love the opportunity to get their hands and lips on their strict ABDL Stepmommy and her lovely feet to show me just how appreciative and thankful that they are to get the opportunity to touch. This will not be any short session for the faint of heart. I am talking about spending several hours so that each of my little ones gets ample time to really show me how thankful they are to have a stepmommy like me in their life looking out for them and taking care of every little thing that they need. For those babies who are much less appreciative than others, this tends to be a great way of opening their eyes to the reality of the things that I do for them and just how lucky that they are that they ended up in my care. Every mommy, stepmommy, and care giver all does things differently, and some people and babies may think that I am too firm on my little ones, but I expect respect and perfection, sprinkles with understanding for honest mistakes. I notice and acknowledge when my little ones are trying to do well, and I give praise and pleasure as deserved and needed. But mommies need love to! And today, this sexy stepmommy needs each and every one of her little babies to come in here, drop to their knees and kiss my feet while they are on the ground in front of me, desperately stroking and tugging on their hard little pee pees. They better not stop before I say!

Stepmommy Tawny
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