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Good Sissy Craves Some Cock
November 10, 2020
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Stepmommy Foot Worship
November 15, 2020

Hello my precious little ABDL sweeties! I was doing some thinking the other day about our amazing chat room… There are just so many beautiful and loving mommies, aunties, sitters, stepmommies, and all kinds of other care givers and diaper cuties to play with in the chat room. The best part is, that there is always someone there to talk to and play with! I know how lonely it can be sometimes when you are a wayward adult baby or diaper lover and you are in need of proper love and care from someone… anyone… I know how desperate that your situation can become the morning that you wake up all alone and your little tummy hurts so bad, and before you know it, you have made a huge sloppy poopy mess in that thick adult baby diaper. Before long, your cute little bottom will begin to get red, raw, and chapped and you will experience the pain and discomfort of a dreaded diaper rash. When this happens and you think that it is too late, too early, too rainy, too hot, whatever reason that you can possibly think of as to why you do not think that you would be able to find yourself someone to get that diaper changed, you can come to our adult sex chat room and find whatever it is that you need right then and there! Our mommies and other care givers always pop in and out of the chat room in between taking care of the cuties who need our love and help. There is no job too big or too small for one of us to get taken care of for each of the little sweeties who come into the chat room, and it is always so exciting when I see a new name pop up that has joined in on the chat. I know that it means that I get to meet a brand new little one who is in need of a mommy like me! My every waking moment is spent considering the needs of all of the babies and diaper lovers that I get to take care of, so when I see someone new come in and I know that they are in need of us, my heart always gets so full and I want to do nothing more than scoop up those little cuties and get them all taken care of and feeling better. Sometimes we find that the new babies who come into the nursery are very shy, but it never takes very long before they open up and let loose, feeling more than comfortable enough to tell all of us just what they need from us. The little ones who are in the chat room who have been here before can tell the new babies that if they are in need, they found the spot!

Mommy Candy
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