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December 28, 2016
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January 7, 2017
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Stockings Pervert

a Sexy Slim Girl wearing The Black Panty Hose

You know you have a lot of nerve looking up my legs like a complete and total pervert. I mean you can at least try and not make your panty hose phone sex fetish so obvious! Not to mention I am your boss and superior so that makes it even worse! I should fire you. Infact I was going to long ago but I realized I had something better in mind.Since you’re so addicted to my legs I figured out with them I could get you to do anything I want. That’s right you’re going to be my little slave boy and office pet. You can start by taking off my heels and giving me a nice good footrub. Make sure you get inbetween my toes and try not to screw up my nails I just got them done. You better not let your hand slide too far up my leg now. Little office pets don’t get rewarded unless they’ve earned it and you my little slave boy have a lot of proving and ass kissing to do. Then and only then may you be considered worthy of touching this domination phone sex queen
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