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Public Humiliation for My ABDL Baby Boy In The Gym
August 1, 2020
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A Little Abdl Public Humiliation
August 2, 2020

Hi babies! I know that many of you adult baby cuties are long time or returning members to our lovely little nursery here. Today I want to make sure that all of the new babies and fresh faces that waddle or crawl into our safe space know just how loved and welcomed that they are! When you are an experienced ABDL Stacey like me, there are few things that make you happier than seeing little ones in need finally find a place where all of their ABDL dreams will come true! No matter what type of mommy you are looking for, we all love to spoil you rotten and keep you in line with our own special twists and methods of pleasure and punishment. Some of the mommies that are like me do not like to have to get very strict or rough with our little ones, but we certainly will if they need to be reminded who is in charge! Also, even I agree that mixing things up to do the opposite of what you normally do can be so exciting for everyone involved! Just a little while ago, I brought out one of my diaper sissies for a harsh lesson in public humiliation when they misbehaved that they will certainly never forget! No matter what you need from a mommy, you found the right place and we can’t wait to play with you.
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