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To All the New ABDLs Who Need a Mommy
August 2, 2020
ABDL Sex Toys
August 9, 2020
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James watched as Aunt Brenda walked into the store, leaving him in his car seat to stay there while she shops. The car was locked, running with the ac on, and he was locked into his car seat with no way to get out, and it was all he could do not to start crying. He’d been a bad abdl, he knew that, but this level of humiliation was too much for a punishment! Anybody that walked past the car would be able to see him, see his baby blue onesie, the pacifier that he was sucking furiously on, and the huge bulge of his very wet diaper.  He was upset and trying not notice how good his diaper felt rubbing up against his peepee as he squirmed around. The shocked look on a few of the people that noticed him didn’t help any, the embarrassment somehow just getting him more excited! What to find out what happens next? Click right here to find out what happens next and call me for some age play phone sex.

Aunt Brenda


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