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Let’s Do Dirty Things
September 26, 2016
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Pizza for Dinner
October 3, 2016


Hi my sweet Adult Baby girl today we have such a big day! Wanna know why? Sure ya do well first we are going to get you dressed in the cutest outfit. Then we are going to go shopping for new dresses and new outfits! I know you love to come shopping with your Abdl Mommy! And maybe before we leave I will double diaper you so everyone can watch that adorable diaper waddle you have! I know I love It! And maybe we can invite some of your friends from school to come with us and to have the cutest boy change your diaper! Look at that huge smile on your face! Then after we are done shopping we can go get some ice cream!! I know how much you enjoy when mommy feeds it to you! And maybe if you’re really, really good we can even get you a special toy just for you and I to play with. Call me for some Abdl phone Sex!



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