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Stinky Diaper Change
September 24, 2016
diaperloverphonesex 1
Wanna Go Shopping?
September 28, 2016
Come here I wanna try some things, I know your AB/DL mommy left me to babysit you so that means I am in charge of what goes on when she isn’t here! So I see you staring at my rather large breast and my dripping wet pussy. So Come here and let me see your little pee-pee and see how hard we can make it! Now I am going to slide your diaper right off and start to give your pee pee kisses, Does that feel good my good boy? Sure it does,wow look how hard it’s getting for me! Now I want to make it all tingly and have you make cummies all over my sweet face! Oh, You like that idea don’t you? Sure you do, Just let me know right before you start to feel all tingly so I can get on my knees right in front of you! Call me for some ABDL phone Sex!
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