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Sissy Training Roleplay
July 27, 2019
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Office Baby
July 29, 2019

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It is always so funny to me how once we “grow up”, we spend so much of our time trying to remember what it was like to be little, and wishing that we had really taken the time to enjoy it instead of wishing it away so fast. Sure, with age came more freedom, but it also brought nasty responsibilities like having to work to pay for everything around you. It was so much easier when you were just a teeny little thing and your mommy spent all of her time doting over you and tending to your every need. The good news is that I am here now to help remind you of just how nice it was to be a baby. First things first, we are going to get your little bottom in an adult baby diaper, pronto! The last thing you need to worry about is trying to use that big potty in the bathroom. Instead, you get to use these cute little diapers I have for you. All of your humiliation over having to un-learn your potty training will soon disappear when you feel the wet warmth of your soggy diaper. Now, a good little submissive diaper sissy will always do as they are told, so we need to make sure that you know what is expected of you now that you are permanently diapered… I want you to stand right in front of me and make a big wet mess in that diaper for me. I want to see the faint yellow puddle get bigger and bigger between your legs when that diaper starts to get sooo full that it can barely hold anymore! I watch you go and go and the diaper starts to stretch and sag between your legs, threatening a leak! Perfect! You are such a good little one, doing just what mommy told you to do. Perhaps there will be some sweet treats in the future as a reward for your good behavior. So you had better not blow it by acting up and getting yourself in trouble!
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