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Wake up, naughty baby


Naughty baby hates to get up in the morning; sometimes he cries, and sometimes he screams and kicks, and sometimes he hides his face in his pillow when I turn the light in the nursery on. I walk into the room with my uniform pressed and starched and flip the light switch while calling to him in a soft, sing-song voice. “Good morning, sleepy head: time to greet the day and say hello to your nanny!” As I walk through the room and throw open the curtains, letting sunlight spill onto the floor and my curly golden hair, I hear baby squirming in his crib. He’s unwilling to say hello to the sun. He has to get up; we have a busy day. He frowns and pouts and I walk to the side of his crib and look down at him and say, “If baby knows what’s good for him, he will listen to nanny. Now.” He turns away from me. I walk to the corner of the room to a narrow wooden chest on the floor. It creaks as I open it, but I smile when I see the sunlight hit the smooth handles of my canes and switches. The smile continues to creep to the sides of my mouth as I take one of my paddles from the box, feeling the full weight in my hands, and I turn to baby: “Naughty babies who don’t listen to Nanny must be taught a lesson… You’re going to wish you had listened to Nanny the first time, baby. Buckle up.” Nanny Rachel knows what’s best for you. 1*888*430*2010  

Humiliating My Sissy


Your Mommy is going to take you out shopping today! We’re going to pick out lots of pretty, frilly clothes that will look perfect on my little Sissy boy! Before we go, Mommy will make sure her baby has a nice clean diaper, and I’ll dress you up in your prettiest dress.. Just make sure you don’t let anybody see your pink plastic pants! When you’re all dressed up and ready to go, I’ll pick you up and carry you out to the car where I’ll put you in your car seat and buckle you up and give you your favorite pacifier to keep you quiet on the trip there. We’ll stop by all of your favorite stores and try on all of the cute dresses and skirts, then I’ll hold your hand as we walk around the mall so everyone will see what a pretty little girl you are! Before we go home, I’ll make you stand in the center of the mall where everyone can see you and mess your diaper! I can’t wait to see your face turn bright red with humiliation as you walk back over to me with your full diaper, or the embarrassment you’ll feel when everyone around you finds out that my dirty little baby made a big mess! But the fun is just beginning… – Brittney  888-938-7382

Smile for Mommy Liz

I love taking pictures of all my ABDL babies. I often put the camera on a timer so I can take pics with me and them together. My favorite pictures have to the ones where I’m breastfeeding or giving them a nice fun bubble bath. Adult babies are so silly and sweet. They make adorable faces and such candid moments. Birthday cake covered faces, sleepy eyes, oops moments and so much more make up my scrap book of my life as an abdl mommy. I usually don’t take pictures of any of the penetration but have been requested to a time or two. I remember the sound of the clicking camera as I taught baby Mikey how go down on his mommy. He is such a fast learning baby Yes, I rarely go anywhere without one of my many cameras and love how these special moments are caught forever on film or in a digital memory. What pictures would we share, baby? Love Mommy Lizabeth- 888-430-2010  

Taking Care of Adult Baby

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My little adult baby boy Joseph likes to throw a big hissy fit and cry until I give him his way. Joseph wants to be a big boy and wear big boy underoos, but Mommy Candy decided a long time ago that Joseph is going to be diapered 24-7. No matter how big baby Joseph gets, mommy will always make him use his diaper to go pee pee and poop. No more burgers and fries for baby Joseph. It’s going to be mommy milk and formula from now on. ABDL Mommy Candy knows what is best for baby Jo Jo. Mommy knows when baby is hungry for Mommy’s breast milk when he makes those short smacking sounds while tugging on mommy’s dress, while he cries those high pitched screams. After baby Joseph’s tummy is nice and full, that’s when he begins to whimper and nuzzle his little baby face on my shoulder, his baby sounds become more agitated letting mommy know that baby is tired and needs to sleep. Mommy will change adult baby Joseph’s diaper one last time and gently rock him to sleep.