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Mommy Sabrina is going to dress you up like the little girl that you are !

Mommy is going to put you in a little pink dress with cute little bears on it. Then,  I am going to put your hair into pigtails with pretty pink bows.  Now don’t you look so precious my sweet baby that I have turned into such a cute little girl.  Mommy loves to take you shopping for girly clothes and then let all her girlfriends come over and play dress up with you.  I don’t care if you don’t like being dressed up like a girl because you have no say so in what mommy does to you.  Now, tell mommy how much you like your new pink dress and your hair in cute pink bows ! Mommy always wanted a little girl and now she has one that she can dress in pink pretty outfits and put pretty things in your hair. Mommy don’t care if people laugh at you or stare when I take you in public dressed like a girl.  I think you look so adorable and mommy’s not at all worried what other people think when she has you dressed all in pink. Call Mommy Sabrina at 1-888-430-2010 so she can dress her sissy boys up in pink !    

Sissy on Cam

2 girl phonesex calls are so much fun! Especially when my sissy slut gets on cam and shows for us. I had the best 2 girl call with Mommy Janey, and one of my sissy callers named Lola. Lola got on cam for us dressed like a little sissy baby and showed off her diaper and rumba panties. Janey and I made her open her diaper and use a pink dildo to stuff her hot little hole. We watched her pee in her diaper and made her put it back on. We posed her in different positions and took pictures of her to post on social media. Are you a dirty little sissy slut that needs sissy training? Well what are you waiting for?   Ava 888-430*2010

Sissy Training With Jenna

Today is the big day! You’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time haven’t you? You’re finally done with your sissy training and its about time you get to suck a real cock. Mommy has been very thorough with her strap on training and we’ve finally managed to get rid of that gag reflex of yours haven’t we? I’ve already dressed you up in your pretty pink dress with ruffled panties that barely cover that diapered bottom of yours. Now we wait for the boys to arrive. Oh you only thought one was coming over? You have more than one hole that needs to be filled so of course there’s going to be more than one boy coming! Or should I say cumming?;) Call me for the best sissy phone sex ever! Jenna 888*430*2010

Mommy loves to humiliate her sissy boys!

Mommy Sabrina loves to make her sissy boys get dressed in little pink dresses and white stockings with pick shoes. She loves a black minnie skirt with a cute white blouse also.  I will make you dress the way I want no matter if you like it or not !   I am your mommy and what I say goes ! Do you hear me sissy boys?  I hope you do because,  Mommy Sabrina doesn’t play when it comes to making you an image of me.  I want all my sissies,  to want to be like Mommy Sabrina.  I want to dress you up and let you see how pretty you really are.  I promise not to be to stern with you.  But, Mommy Sabrina wants you all to be beautiful little girls like her.   

Don’t be such a naughty boy !

So, you call Mommy Sabrina and fight me on changing that wet, dirty and smelly diaper ?  Well, let me tell you what happens when you do that. First, Mommy Sabrina will smack your little bottom for not listening to her.  Then, she will make you lay down and if you kick Mommy Sabrina, she will smack your bottom again till you obey her.  Once, she gets you to calm down, Mommy Sabrina will take off that dirty diaper and grab baby wipes so that she may clean your balls and cock.  As Mommy is doing this, she just might want to play with them a little.  Mommy Sabrina likes to make sure her sweeties get pleasure out of a diaper change as much as she does.  After Mommy cleans you off, she then will grab some baby powder to make sure that you stay nice and dry.  She might even rub the powder in around your sweet balls and pee pee.  Last but not least,  Mommy Sabrina will then proceed to put you on a clean diaper.  Mommy always wants to make sure that her sweet babies are well taken care of and are clean and dry.