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Here sissy sissy

Something you may not know about me is that I really enjoy doing sissy Calls. Surprised? I bet you are. I have always enjoyed doing them, playing dress up, or dollies, or even better, introducing them to some Daddies. Taking their hand and leading them down on their knees, stroking their hair, telling them it’s going to be okay and to be a good girl and take care of Daddy. I even like showing off my beautiful sissies to my friends, taking you to school with me and letting all the High School girls fuss over you. Ava 1 888 430-2010

You’ll Never Be A Big Boy

He insisted he was a big boy until the accidents started happening again. I was almost sure our potty training phone sex was working. I noticed the smell when I cleaned his sheets. He promised it wouldn’t happen again but it continued on. So you know what I did? I put him back in diapers. He fought at first, not wanting to be treated like such an aby. But after a couple minutes I noticed he started enjoying it. He even told me he likes the way the diaper crinkles against his pee-pee. He even started cooing and telling me to treat him like a little aby. He even started wearing his diapers to school. When he gets old enough to start taking gym, I’d pay to be a fly on the wall in that locker room. So you see what happens when you make a mess in your bed? Act like a little aby and you’ll get treated like one.  Call Mommy for big boy phone sex training for you. Janey 888*430*2010

Early Resolutions

Hey taboo phone sex lovers! One of my new years resolutions next year is going to be to hit the gym and build up my endurance. I love being a sexy strong woman and I want to stay that way! Plus going to the gym helps me scope out those sexy physical trainers. The ones who always have their shirts off and their shorts really low. Maybe they can help me out with a couple new exercises What do you think phone sex bois? Janey 888*430*2010

Panty Fag

What’s one thing I love in a panty boi phone sex caller? Well their submission of course! I can dress them anyway I want to and they’re so willing! It’s like they WANT to be made fun of. Which in all reality is true. I’m so evil. I love to plan out public situations that will humiliate my panty bois in the most ways possible. One day I may take them to the mall and have them walk around in a pretty little dress holding my hand, another day I may have them in a cute little two piece at the beach, walking next to me along the shore for everyone to see. I’ll make sure their pee pee is tucked between their legs so it looks like they have girly parts. Ah, being a domme phone sex queen is just so fun! Ava 888*430*2010

Dress Up

One of the things I love most is playing dress up with sissies. And I have a variety of sissies that call me. Some want lots of frills and ruffles and to be very babyish. Some like to be a teen and a little more provocative. No matter what kind of sissy you are, I have an outfit to suit you. I love clothes, all kinds, I have every color, style and cut you can imagine. You should see my closets. Yes I have more than one. My mommy had to clear out the hall closet for me because my bedroom closet was overflowing. I love making over sissies into the perfect dream. The bigger the challenge the better. But it’s not just the clothes that make the sissy aby, no. There are also all the girl lessons I am gonna give you. Janey 888*430*2010

Sissy Slut

Aww is my sissy phone sex slut having a bitchy fit? Well then! We’re going to have to fix that right now aren’t we? Get your ass in the air right now. Yep that’s right bitch bend over. You are the sissy. I am the Mommy. Let’s get that very clear. Now that that’s settled lets get you in some nice little panties. Do you prefer pink or purple? Ones with lace or no lace? Wait why am I asking you? You have no say in this. Ha! You have say in anything whatsoever as a matter of fact. That’s whyat you get with sissy humiliation phone sex. Ava 888*430*2010

ABDL Mommy

I love the soft crinkly feeling of my adult baby diaper against my legs. It makes me giggle every time I have to go number one. I love to just sit in it, and make a big huge mess hehe (: Sometimes after i’ve wet myself i’ll slide my hand into my  adult diaper and start to do other things too. It gets me excited to think about you wetting your adult diaper with me. Then after making a big mess we both get to make a number three. I hope you know what that is. If not i’ll just have to show you won’t I? Let’s just say that we will be making an ever bigger mess before we get to get changed. So are you an aby (adult baby)? Do you need someone to have some adult baby diaper phone fun with? Well I’m your girl then honey. Grab a diaper, or two, or three! Doesn’t matter to me! Janey 888*430*2010