Adult Teen Girl Takes a Hard Spanking Punishment
Spanking Discipline For Naughty Girls
October 7, 2019
Hot sissy Girl peeing fetish public place
Sissy Tabby Peeing In Panties
October 9, 2019

I was browsing the internet the other day looking for extra ways to make some money, when the most interesting idea came up. There are websites where you can advertise your home to rent a room to them while they travel! Well that sounded like the perfect way for me to use one of my extra rooms and also make some cash. I got the room all tidied up, freshly laundered sheets and a bouquet of daffodils on the nightstand to give it a nice smell. I waited eagerly for the day to arrive when my new roommate would make their appearance. I was sipping on some coffee the next morning when my doorbell rang and it was time to usher in my guest. I opened the door to a young man of about 27 years old. What a cutie he was! I showed him to his room and left so he could unpack and get settled. We ate dinner together and even had a few drinks while we spoke of where he was going and where he had been. Bed time came and he headed off to bed, and I shuffled to my room to sleep. Late in the night, I heard scuffling around and someone muttering in a worried tone. I opened my door to see my guest balling his sheets up and heading down the hall. I took a better look at the sheets and saw that they were wet… Peeking into the room, I saw a huge wet spot on the mattress… A bedwetter?! I grabbed his arm and marched him right into my adult baby nursery! I shoved him up onto the changing table and yanked those damp PJ pants around his ankles before grabbing a handful of baby wipes and wiping him down, much to his humiliation and surprise. It didn’t take long for him to calm down, and I could tell he loved it when I rubbed that powder in between his legs. Looks like I accidentally found myself a brand new diaper sissy to take care of! No more accidents for him!
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