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March 20, 2018
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March 23, 2018

You seem to think that mommy doesn’t know that you’ve been having accidents in your bed every single night, but abdl mommies always know when your trying to hide something. We have talked about this before and I told you that if it continued to happen, you would be put in an  adult baby diaper again. It’s the only way that you will learn that mommy means business. Don’t worry, you know mommy has to do things to teach you to not make the same mistakes again in the future. Your my special abdl which means all that I do is out of love for you. This way when you have play dates, you won’t have to be embarrassed anymore about wetting your pants in front of your friends. I know you remember the countless times you came home in tears because your friends were making fun of you. Mommy had to give you so many kisses so that you would feel better and you always told me you were a big boy and didn’t want to wear diapers again. Well sweetie, mommy always knows best!


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