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Seasons Beatings, Santa!
December 5, 2020
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Strict ABDL Humiliation
December 6, 2020

Hello you! Yes you there, along with each and every other adult baby diaper lover out there! It is the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas time, the holiday season! I know that everyone is getting so excited just thinking about all of the wonderful traditions that they get to share with their families, friends, and other loved ones. This year, I am putting up an extra special type of Christmas tree to honor and surprise every member of the ABDL lifestyle this season! I think that mommies, daddies, and babies alike are going to be thrilled by what I have in mind. My tree does not have standard dark green boughs like a typical Christmas tree.. No, my new Christmas tree is a beautiful mix of white, pink, and blue boughs and bristles. Yes it is a fake tree because sadly naturally colorful trees like that do not exist yet, but the colors are so precious and the perfect way to pay tribute to each and every one of my adorable adult baby boys and girls. From there, the next thing would be the ornaments… I have gone out and online and managed to put together the most amazing and quirky collection of abdl related ornaments to hang all over our new Christmas tree! I have all kinds of cute ornaments for my little ones, from tiny little tennis shoes, to tutus, teddy bears, and toy trucks, and so much more with everything in between! I decided that my old tree topper was lovely but kind of boring and did not fit the adult baby diaper lover theme for this year’s tree. Do not ask me how, but I managed to find an adorable large baby bottle tree topper! It looks so cute sitting on top of the Christmas tree with all of our new ornaments and the strands of colorful matching garland I grabbed from the store. I have already put a few gifts near the tree out of excitement for the holidays, but I had to move them when I finished sewing our new tree skirt… I could not wait a moment longer than needed to put it around the bottom of the tree and admire my handiwork. Our new tree skirt is none other than a huge, tree sized, thick disposable adult baby diaper! I can just imagine how happy and excited all of my little ones are going to be when they come out to see the new decorations and catch sight of the fact that our Christmas tree wears a diaper just like they do! I made sure to even sew cute little patterns of brightly colored animals from Jesus’s manger and the star of David to keep the big old diaper up with the theme of Christmas! This will be the best year yet, I know it!

Mommy Candy
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