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Brenda Has Eyes on Her New Adult Baby!
December 31, 2022
Brenda Babysits Naughty Billy (Part 2)
December 31, 2022

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“All right, you’re a good baby, Billy, and I’m sure you and Auntie Brenda will have a fun day. I’ll be back before you know it!” Amy patted her son’s hair as she rose to leave. She smiled at Brenda and just about ran out of the door, slamming it behind her.
Brenda thought Billy was the cutest thing she had ever seen. He had curly hair and sweet eyes, and he almost always had a smile. She hadn’t babysat him before, but she had played with him every time she visited for a visit with his mother. He was always so much fun to play with on the floor. He looked a little teary-eyed over his mommy leaving, so she gently ruffled his hair and cupped his cheeks lovingly. “You don’t have to worry about a thing; I know you’ll miss Mommy, but we’re going to play games and have a good time, and before you know it, she will be right back home, okay?”
He sniffled pitifully for a few seconds, but the promise of cookies and Legos dried those tears up, and Billy was happily playing on a blanket on the living room floor. She sat on the couch and watched him while she read until she slid down to the floor to play with him, playing patty cake and peekaboo and tickling him till he tinkled in his diaphragm.
There was no point in not assisting Amanda whenever she could, so she got up to stretch her legs and assist with some of the chores she could see needed to be completed.Additionally, it was time for someone to take a nap, so she placed Billy in his crib to dream peacefully.He had his blankie, paci, and baba, so Brenda tucked him in. It wasn’t more than an hour later, while she was folding up some towels, that she heard him start to kick up a fuss over the monitor. When she walked in, the smell that slapped her in the face told her right away what the issue was, and even without that, Billy’s scrunched-up face told her he was upset. That and all the crying, of course.
“Well, someone has a stinky nose, don’t they?” She had never heard him cry like this, and as she got him up and onto the changing table, it didn’t take long for his high-pitched cries to make her ears ring. She cleaned him up and had him in a clean diaper in a jiffy, but that barely lowered the decibel level of his cries.
“Now, Billy, there isn’t a thing I can do for you until you tell me what the problem is.” Billy was wriggling about and throwing his limbs about in the air. He refused to say a word to her and just continued to cry. If he couldn’t talk, that would be one thing, but this refusal to tell her what was wrong was pushing him quickly in the direction of a spanking! What do you think will happen?Click right here to find out!

Aunt Brenda


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