Brenda Babysits Naughty Billy (Part 1)
December 31, 2022
Amanda Gets Her Daddy’s Cock! (Part 1)
January 1, 2023

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(First part)Whaaaaaa!” Billy’s loud cries continued, as he was not in the mood to calm down. Brenda considered leaving him alone until he calmed down, setting him on his blanket with some cartoons until he got his diapered butt off his shoulders. “I’m going to lay you down on your baby blanket, and you cry your little heart, okay? If you won’t tell me the problem, you must not want to fix it.” Not only did he not stop to talk to her, but he looked her dead in the eye and hollered at her, his cries reaching a new pitch, and that was it for her. She could have walked away from the noise, as bad as it was, but such blatant disrespect wasn’t something she dealt with well.

Billy was quickly pulled up, his diaper was removed, and he was dragged across Aunt Brenda’s lap, his bare bottom receiving a stern reminder that it is not wise to act like a brat around certain people.Brenda brought her hand down enough times to turn all that skin flushed and to have Billy cry about how it hurt. She paused for a moment. “Are you going to calm down now?” When Billy responded by trying to kick her, Brenda’s hand started coming down again, this time fast enough to blur a little bit. Certainly enough to finally get through to Billy, she wasn’t backing off, reducing him to some low crying. Once she was satisfied with what she’d done, she lifted him from her lap and set him on his feet in front of Brenda. He had tears tracking down his face, and his diaper was still around his thighs. “Was that pleasant? It wasn’t for me, but I have to figure that it was for you, since you worked so hard to get that spanking.” Billy shuffled his feet against the carpet and muttered under his breath. “No, ma’am.” 

Brenda gave him a squinty look. “You didn’t want it? You could have fooled me! That spanking I gave you was mild compared to what I’ll put on your bottom if you keep acting up. Are you going to act up like that again?” More shuffling and hand clenching “No, ma’am.” She held that serious look for another few seconds, wanting to make sure he understood that he wouldn’t be allowed to act up that way, not when she was right there to keep him in line! It’s perfectly natural for babies to be fussy or upset sometimes; everyone is, but that level of misbehavior was far outside of what was acceptable for Brenda. “I’m certain you don’t behave that way with your mother, so you decided to test the babysitter. Like you don’t know me already? You are a silly baby.” She reached out for his diaper and pulled it back up, being careful to pull the back out a bit more to keep from rubbing on that bottom; she knew that was going to be sore! Wouldn’t you deserve that spanking if you acted like that?

Aunt Brenda


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