Mommy Smells A Stinky Baby
July 10, 2023
Amanda Has Kinky Fun With Another Diaper Girl!
July 14, 2023

Brenda entered Gregory’s room since he had been playing with his toys for a while, and it was time for a baba full of milk.
“How are you, honey? Are you enjoying your toys?
“Um… (chewing on a plastic teething toy) Yes, mummy, I like them all!”
“I’m glad to hear that, sweetheart. Do you need me to change your diaper? You have been wearing it for a while…”
“I-I don’t think so, Mummy.”
Brenda quickly looked at Gregory’s diaper and found it soaking wet, tinted yellow, and sagging around his thighs; he obviously needed a change as soon as possible. Gregory was saying no with his head; he was still shy when Brenda changed his diapers. “Oh honey, but you are all wet; come here. Lay on your back so I can change your diaper properly.”
Gregory didn’t say a word; he just obeyed Brenda and lay on his back. “Good! Now wait for me right there while I go and bring a new diaper and some baby wipes.”
Brenda returned with a new and clean diaper and some wipes for Gregory. Brenda lifted one of Gregory’s legs and put it to the side so she could change his diaper properly, his leg was quite heavy, but Brenda could still lift him.
Brenda touched Gregory’s wrinkled and wet diaper; he definitely needed a change as soon as possible. She opened the diaper and revealed Gregory’s wrinkled, flaccid penis, soaked with the urine that had been pooling in his diaper for some time. Brenda took one of the baby wipes and began to wipe Gregory’s entire crotch; he could feel the cold, wet touch of the wipes against his skin, making him a little uncomfortable, so Brenda decided to calm him down a little. Brenda used one of her hands to give Gregory’s belly some cuddles.
“Who is this beautiful baby? Who is a good boy? Yes, you are.”
Gregory laughed and looked calmer. Brenda finally finished cleaning Gregory’s diaper and replaced it with a new one. Now it was finally time for Gregory to drink his bottle of milk. He lay down on Brenda’s lap and began to drink from his bottle; Brenda gave him scritches on his head and played with his hair while Gregory continued to drink from his baba. Brenda enjoyed watching Gregory so calm and enjoying himself so much. When Gregory finished, Brenda helped him up, led him to his bed and tucked him in, kissed him on his forehead, and as she was about to leave, she had an idea.
“Hey Gregory, wouldn’t you like me to help you relax a little more? That would make you feel sleepier.”
“Umm, of course, I would, Mommy!”
Brenda smiled at this and moved her hand towards Gregory’s crotch. There she began rubbing and rubbing his small penis, which was covered by his now clean diaper. While one of Brenda’s hands cared for his pp, another stroked his head. All this caused Gregory to finally cum in his diaper, leaving it sticky and full of cum.
Brenda kissed Gregory on the forehead and tucked him in, bidding him goodnight and wishing him a good night. Gregory yawned and fell asleep; he was pretty tired from playing with Brenda and soon fell asleep like a good baby.

Aunt Brenda


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