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July 9, 2023
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July 13, 2023




P U, did someone make a poopy?  Mommy smells a dirty diaper for sure.  No use hiding, mommy will find.  Besides the smell, mommy can hear your giggles and the sound of you running.  All mommy has to do is sniff the air and listen closely and mommy will find you… “Gotcha!”

Mommy catches you hiding in the play room.  Not the best place to hide from a diaper change, all mommy has to do if you get too rambunctious is tie you to the headboard if needed.  And makes mommy’s job easier, the diaper bag is right here, ready for mommy.

Mommy lifts you on to the bed and lays you down, be a good girl and be still for mommy, this won’t take too long, depending how full that diaper is anyway.  Mommy bends your legs and sees that diaper bulging out from your onesie, oh my that looks like a very full diaper.

Good thing mommy smelled your stinky little diaper butt.  And not a moment too soon, by the looks of that squishy diaper, it wouldn’t had been long before a big mess was all over you and everything else.  And we definitely don’t want that, now do we?

Mommy unsnaps your onesie and pulls it up to your waist out of the way.  Then mommy spreads your legs and opens up that squishy diaper.  Oh wow!  That’s one poopy pamper.  And one very stinky baby.  Mommy gets out the baby wipes and gets to work cleaning up that smelly mess.

If mommy didn’t need both hands for this dirty job, mommy would be holding her nose.  What in the world did baby eat?  Mommy is going to needs lots of baby wipes, might had been easier to strip you and put you in the bath.  But since mommy is already started, might as well finish cleaning that little bottom, between your cheeks and all around that pretty little pussy.

Once mommy finally gets all that poop cleaned up, mommy rolls up your diaper with all the dirty baby wipes in it for the trash.  That one will have to go in the outside trash, it’s too stinky for the house.  Now time for  a new diaper, mommy pulls a nice thick one out of the diaper bag and some butt cream and baby powder.

Mommy lifts your bottom up and slides the diaper under you, then mommy squeezes some cream onto her finger to rub between your cheeks, we don’t want baby getting a diaper rash.  Now rime for a little poof of powder and baby is ready for that diaper to be closed up.

Mommy’s little diaper girl definitely smells so much better now.  Mommy snaps your onesie in the crotch and we are all done, now you can go play and fill that diaper up for mommy.  That’s what diapers are for and that’s what little Abies do.  Eat, sleep, potty and play.  Being a little one is the best!

Give mommy a call and let mommy get you all cleaned up and in a fresh new diaper.

Mommy Candy




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