Brenda Gets Kinky Over Her Husband’s Diapers!
July 9, 2023
Mommy Smells A Stinky Baby
July 10, 2023




Well that’s one way to get mommy’s attention.  You could have just told mommy you needed your diaper changed or cried for mommy.  Instead mommy hears a commotion coming from your nursery.  When mommy comes in you are jumping up and down in your crib with your pajama bottoms pulled half way down, showing off that soggy diaper.

Mommy laughs at your silliness and asks, “does someone need a new diaper?”  You turn and grin at mommy, nodding your head up and down as you giggle.  Looks like some little adult baby had a good night, and judging by that diaper, a wet one as well.

Mommy tells you to lay down and put your feet in the air, so mommy can pull your pajamas off and get to that squishy diaper.  That’s a good baby!  Once mommy gets you down to just your diaper, mommy gets out the baby wipes, baby powder and a new diaper.

Now time to change that peepee diaper and get you dressed for the day.  Mommy spreads your legs and bends your knees.  Then mommy pokes your pissy pamper making you giggle again.  Mommy just loves the sound of a happy little one.

Mommy unfastens the tabs on your diaper, first one side then the other.  Then mommy slowly opens your diaper, teasing you about being a little saggy soggy baby.  Goodness, that’s a lot of pee, good thing baby had on a nice thick diaper.  Mommy lifts your legs into the air, holding you by your ankles with one hand as mommy pulls that full diaper out from under your bottom with the other.

Mommy lets your diaper fall into the diaper pail with a plop.  Then mommy takes the baby wipes and starts cleaning your little butt making sure to get between your cheeks.  Now time for the front.  Mommy uses a fresh baby wipe to clean between your thighs.

Paying close attention to those little balls and peepee, mommy has to make sure we get it all cleaned up, don’t want baby getting a diaper rash, now do we?  Mommy lifts that little butt up again and slides a fresh new diaper under you.  Then mommy takes the baby powder and sprinkles it all over your bottom and around your little balls.

Mommy rubs in that silky soft powder, making sure mommy gets it in all the nooks and crannies.  That’s much better, now you smell like a fresh clean baby instead of a stinky pissy smelling baby.  Now it’s time to close up that diaper and fasten the tabs.

Mommy squeezes your diaper and wiggles it side to side to make sure it’s nice and snug, we don’t want any leaks.  All done, time to pick out an adorable little outfit, then baby can play.  Mommy lifts you up out of your crib, you can help mommy pick out your clothes for the day.

Such a good diaper boy for mommy.  Once baby is ready, mommy will make you something yummy for breakfast while you play with your toys.  Would you like to be Mommy Candy’s little baby?  If so, then give mommy a call today.

Mommy Candy


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