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July 5, 2021
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Phoneamommy and let her take care of all your darkest naughtiest desires.  Mommy Candy just loves making her adult babies feel good.  Mommy will do anything you want… do you need to be treated like the cute little diaper baby you are?  Do you need to have that little peepee milked of all its creamy cummies?  Do you need to be punished for your dirty thoughts?  Mommy can take care of it all for you and more.

Mommy just loves her abdl little ones and nothing makes mommy wetter than having fun with them.  Mommy enjoys anything and everything, there’s nothing that mommy won’t try or do.  And of course mommy is open to any and all suggestions from her naughty babies.

When you’re all alone and your body needs attention, mommy is the perfect choice.  Mommy will make everything disappear except you and her.  You will be treated exactly as you should be.  Escape to Candyland and let mommy whisk you away from reality.

Mommy enjoys diapering abies and changing those full diapers.  Mommy loves bath time and play time with her special little angel.  Mommy will make you forget everything but the feel of mommy’s hands on your throbbing body.  The feel of mommy’s sweet breath as she leans over you to kiss all your aching parts.  The feel of mommy’s lips as they touch you, sending ripples of pleasure throughout your trembling body.

Mommy will take very good care of you.  Mommy will have you begging for more.  You will be putty in mommy’s soft hands.  You will scream out in ecstasy and you cum over and over for mommy.  And mommy has friends also that would love to play.

Ddlg cuties only have to bat their eyes at mommy and soon daddy will come in and play also.  Daddy and mommy will make you explode in happiness hehe.  Mommy will own you and mommy will make you hers!

You will do as mommy says and you will gladly obey.  Mommy has soft hands but they are strong from having to spank bad babies.  So if you are naughty or misbehave then mommy will have to bend you over her lap and show you just what mommy’s hands are capable of.

Mommy just loves the sound of moans and groans filling the nursery as mommy takes care of you in every way possible.  And if you are a good baby then mommy will let you play with mommy also.  You can show mommy what a very good baby you are mmmm.

So give mommy a call for an extremely good time.  Mommy will not disappoint and you will be addicted to Mommy Candy in no time.  Sweet yumminess for all of mommy’s adult babies.  Good babies always get a treat.  Let mommy treat you like you so badly need to be treated.

Mommy likes it all… naughty, nasty, sultry, sensuous fun that never ends.  Call mommy and let her show you just how much fun we can have.

Mommy Candy


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