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Peggy Sue Lin – Tawny’s Little Sissy Step-Son
July 5, 2021
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Call Mommy For A Good Time
July 10, 2021


Kingsley wanted today to be special and I told him if he listened well to me ad adhered to my wishes that I may just go ahead and grant him that very special wish.  He likes to be called Keenah when he is all dressed up like a sissy and he prefers the pronouns she/her.  So today, I decided that my son and I will not just do the usual incest phone sex roleplay – because he was good and behaved himself all week – this phone sex milf will not only be feminizing him with a different kind of feminization phone sex, but today he will be all dolled up as a sissy girl to marry, Mommy!

He did not know it as yet but I had all of the necessary items delivered to his attention and I had the name Kingsley on the package in order to make sure that everything remained discreet.  He was having a bit of a rough day and I knew that this special delivery would be what he needed to get all pepped up and excited again.

I made sure that he called me when he opened the package and he was quite confused at first, but when he saw everything that was inside he was so happy and Kingsley was put to rest and Keenah rose to the surface. I told Keenah that since she was such a perfect little girl that she was going to be a special bride today and marry mommy.

She was so excited that she took off all of her male clothes and put on the pretty white panty and bra along with the garter and stockings.  She made sure that she followed my instructions to have the cleanest of makeup on her face and she as so very pretty. I made her put on the blonde wig that came in the package and she was so happy that is was already pre-curled for her and once she placed it on her head she looked like such a beauty.

I told her that Mommy Scarlet, does things a bit different and before she puts on the wedding dress that she had to use the dildo that I sent along and fuck herself in the ass with it.  Mommy Scarlet was not going to wait for the wedding night to force myself in her tight little hole – I was going to make sure that I fucked her good before we married.

She was so obedient that she spat on the dildo and entered it into her ass and I listened to her sweet moans and groans as it was such beautiful music to my ears.  I wanted her to cum for me in her white panties and have them stained when she took her vows so I had her jerk her clitty while she fucked herself in the ass.  This was going to be the wedding of a lifetime and she was going to see how much I loved her.  So as she fucked herself I made her go into herself deeper than she ever did before and then she screamed in pure delight as as came all over her panty like a violent volcanic eruption.

Call Mommy Scarlet now so you can cum like my sweet Keenah did – I am waiting to hear from you.



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