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Sissy Training For A Good Sissy!
July 4, 2021
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Here Cums Dommy Scarlet’s Sissy Bride – All Dressed In White!
July 5, 2021

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I always suspected that my step-son displayed a lot of feminine qualities because he wanted to be able to express himself as a girl. I knew that this was the case when I first met him when I started to date his dad.  He seemed to be the type that tried to hide it – at least from his dad – but I knew what lay beneath the surface.  I noticed for a while now that there were a few of my panties and bras missing from the hamper.  Initially, I thought that I was losing my mind.  But. after careful thought – it just seemed to line up that my step-son was the guilty party.

So, I decided that I was going to play a little game with him.  I decided to be not just his step-mom but his phone sex milf. I went into my room and I called him from my cell phone and I disguised my voice and blocked my number.  I told him that I am going to be the mom that he never had and we are going to have incest phone sex. A part of me felt that he knew that it was me, but I did not give a fuck. I continued the conversation and told him that he was going to be feminized by me and his new name will be Peggy Sue Lin.  He now accepted that he will be referred to as a she and he welcomed the feminization phone sex.

I made Peggy Sue Lin get dressed up in a pretty dress and also put on the panty and bra to match the outfit.  I told her that he needs to take it beyond the bedroom and take it outside to the streets and that is exactly what she did.  I made her walk outside as Peggy Sue Lin and spend the whole day outside speaking to strangers.  She was so happy to express herself in this manner.  She felt alive and was amazed at how many reacted to her.  I heard her excitement on the telephone and it turned me on and had her return home right away so I could fuck her.

As soon as she got home I ripped her clothes off and started to suck her sweet tiny titties underneath her bra.  She screamed as soon as she felt my soft lips and my wet mouth hit her nipples. The way that her light brown  soft nipple hardened in my mouth as I teased it with my teeth and tongue got my sweet, creamy and puffy pussy so wet.  I had to push her down on the floor so I could ride her face with my wet crotch and she loved it.  She sucked and lapped at my cunt and it felt so sweet when she stuck her tongue inside of me so far and so deep. I made her lick me until she came and I made her drink all of it up as I almost drowned her with my succulent and sweet pussy juices.



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