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May 5, 2021
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May 10, 2021


abdl baby

Clara called me to have hot phone sex, but not just any kind – she wanted it to be abdl sex.  She was very sexually free, sucks on a pacifier and she shared with me all of her many sexcapades that she had with many others.  She had a plethora of experience being a submissive who wore diapers every day.  She would piss and poop in her diapers every single day and once it was full and could not contain any more, that is when she would be changed.

In the past she would be changed by her older sister and her college friends and it was more than just a diaper change.  Her older sister was mean and would make sure to publicly embarrass her by making what should be private diaper changes to protect her privacy – public ones.  She had large vaginal lips and her inner vaginal lips would spill out and hang from her vagina and her bald pussy was always wet.

Her sister was overjoyed to expose her most intimate parts to her friends and they would often point and make comments at her ample cunt.  To add insult to injury and totally unaware to Clara sometimes her sister’s friends would take phone pictures of her pussy and upload it to sites to expose her cunt to the world.  Clara only found out about the exposure on sites a few years later when it was told to her by one of her sister’s friends who felt guilty and confessed it to her.

As I engaged in the incest chat with Clara’s experience with her sister and her friends, she told me how she was able to cope with finding out all of the things that happened to her when she was most vulnerable.  She would envision the past experiences that saddened her, and then she would relive them in her mind and masturbate to the experience.  Masturbating to something that traumatized, embarrassed and humiliated her made it into her own personal mental porn and she was able to find a way to both cum and cope.

She also used her experiences in the past to rewrite her childhood and age regress.  A big part of her age regression was for her to wear diapers.  She loved to role play with diaper bondage as well in which she would be locked into diaper and she would have to wait to play with herself after the bondage was over. She enjoyed being restrained in her diaper and it excited her vulnerable that it made her feel.

Not having to be responsible for your own piss and poop as they leave your pussy and asshole and end up in your diaper where you will remain for the majority of the day will be wonderful. Are you ready to experience the scenario of piss and shit with Dommy Mommy Scarlet? Then it is time for you to pick up the telephone and call me right away in order for us to role play. Stop being shy and call me now at 1-888-430-2021 and let’s chat.



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