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Oh my there are so many ways to have naughty fun.  And nothing beats naughty play time with Mommy Candy.  Mommy likes it all and nothing is taboo when it comes to play time.  Don’t be shy and call and tell mommy all about what you like and what gets you excited.  All fetishes and all role play are a turn on for Mommy Candy.

Phoneamommy and let mommy take you away from everything and into a world of fun and no stress.  Mommy will embrace any and all your likes and desires.  No fetish is off limits and mommy will leave you drained and satiated and excited about the next time.

If all this lifestyle is new to you, please feel free to connect with mommy and let her help you find your inner kink.  From abdl to zoophilia, mommy will teach you the abc’s of naughty fun.  Any questions you might have pertaining to any and all fetishes are welcomed by mommy and she will answer and help you understand it all.

Mommy enjoys hearing your stories and mommy loves sharing her own experiences as well.  Mommy is a great listener also and if you just need someone to talk to or to vent to, mommy is more than happy to help.

We can see how many times we can make each other explode.  How many times we can bring the other to the brink of explosive before pushing them over the edge. And mommy loves hearing you beg for more and more.

Ddlg is another fun fetish.  Instead of being the dominating mommy, I can be your good little girl and do everything daddy tells me.  Make Candy plead to cum, begging for your cock and her release.  Please Daddy, please….

I can be anything you desire, even your most hidden passion.  You can tell me anything with no repercussions or judgements.  And Candy just loves keeping secrets.  Mommy’s lips are sealed when necessary.

You can phoneamommy and set up a session based off what you want or how you’re feeling, from private texting to a very personal phone call to even a skyping session (for those who want to show off to mommy).  Mommy is available 24/7 for all her kinky play mates.

Let Mommy Candy show you a whole world of naughty fun.  Let mommy take you to new heights of arousal.  Mommy will have you cumming over and over, and begging for more.  You will be exhausted and excited all at the same time.

Welcome to CandyLand and all the fun that goes with an exciting game of naughty play.  Mommy will awaken a need in you that only she can fill.  And mommy will always make sure you are taken very good care of, without any doubts or disappointments.

With so many avenues available to express ourselves, let “just a phone call away” be your motto when you are feeling all worked up and need an outlet for all that pent up sexual aggression.

Mommy Candy


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