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October 23, 2021
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October 23, 2021




With mom role play, I can make you my sweet little one and take care of you.  I will have you crawl into my lap so I can cuddle you in my arms and snuggle with you.  I will smile down at you before kissing you all over.  Mommy’s precious baby.  Mommy pulls her top down and rubs her hard nipple against your pouting lips.  Mommy watches as you open your mouth and latch onto mommy’s breast.

There’s nothing better for baby then mommy’s warm sweet milk.  A breastfeeding fetish feels good for both baby and mommy.  The pull of my nipple as you suck hard on mommy, makes mommy’s pussy very wet.  And mommy knows that you get very excited when your pressed against mommy’s body with your face nestled in mommy’s boobies.

Mommy can feel the twitch of your hard peepee as you nurse from mommy.  Makes mommy want to reach down and squeeze and rub that hard peepee.  Feel it throb and grow harder with each stroke.  Mommy son sex sounds perfect right now.  Would you like to put your hard peepee inside mommy?  Slide it into mommy’s dripping wet pussy and get lost in mommy’s arms.

Make mommy squirt all over your dick as you push it in nice and deep.  Mommy’s lips parting as a moan escapes, mommy’s body shuddering as she cums all over your cock.  As mommy begins to relax from her orgasm, you start fucking mommy fast and hard.  Mommy’s soaking wet pussy the only sounds besides our ragged breathing.  You pump in and out, your balls slapping against mommy’s ass.

Soon mommy feels you arch your back as you thrust even deeper, won’t be long until that dick explodes and cums deep in mommy.  Mommy wraps her legs around you and pulls you tight against mommy.  Your body pressed against mommy, your face inches from mommy’s.  Mommy looks into your eyes and smiles just as your grunt and cum deep inside mommy.  Filling mommy’s well used pussy full of sticky creamy cummies.

Mommy just loves when you crawl up into mommy’s lap.  We always have so much fun when you do.  And mommy loves making her little one feel good.  And now that we have made our stickies, we can curl up in each other’s arms and let our bodies relax.  Soon your breathing will soften and you will be sound asleep in mommy’s arms.  A deep peaceful sleep.

The sleep of an exhausted thoroughly satisfied sweet baby.  Mommy told you she would take very good care of you.  All you had to do was crawl into mommy’s warm inviting lap.  And of course pick up that phone and call so we can get started right away.  The sooner the better.  Mommy is ready and waiting for you.

Mommy will make you forget about everything but us.  All you will need is to be in mommy’s arms and every thing else will be taken care of.  Mommy will handle it all.

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