Teenage girl wearing The hot wet Diaper
Abdl Going On A Public Outing!
October 6, 2020
Mommy's scold her Daughter and Girl Sitting in nude
Need a Strict Stepmommy to Keep You in Line?
October 11, 2020

frilly panty

Dennis, your clitty cock serves no useful purpose at all.  All that it is good for is to remain dormant and dead and it should therefore be confined to a diaper, frilly panties and little girl dresses.  I will now transform you into my abdl sissy baby and I will no longer refer to you as Dennis and your new name shall now be Denise and you are to refer to me as Dommy Mommy Scarlet at all times as I am now your abdl mommy. Now lay on the bed naked and spread open your legs. Your balls are too hairy and a true abdl baby girl does not have any hair on her clitty cock.  I will take this tweezer to make sure that I get all of the unneccessary hairs out. Before I begin tweezing the hairs out of your genitals, I am going to issue you one warning and if you do not listen to my instructions you will be severely punished and you won’t get to wear your diaper, panty and dress.  You are not to make a sound, but you shall remain silent and be a good little abdl girl.  Now it is time for me to pluck the hairs out of your tiny balls.  You did not stick with our agreement, you yelped and that was not what we agreed on, so you will be spanked.  “Over my knee now so I can spank your ass.” As I spank your ass I see the color change in your cheeks from white to pink and I see my hand print on it.  The more I spank the more you bite your lips and move your hips. I take my used panty from the bed and stuff it in your mouth and I proceed to spank your ass until tears start falling down your face.  I then take a toothbrush from the bed and I open your ass cheeks and insert it in your ass and I brush inside of your ass as you hold your breathe and try not to make a sound.  I heard you make a squeak so you will continue being punished. Now I will take the toothbrush out of your ass and you will use it to brush your teeth.  There is no need for any toothpaste as your smelly brown shit will serve just fine. Open your mouth and brush your teeth and also pass the toothbrush on your tongue.  Now that is a very good little abdl girl. Now, I will wipe your clitty cock, your balls and your asshole with baby wipes then place you in a dry crinklz diaper. I also have a cute little vanilla frilly white panty that goes wonderful with a pink and white baby doll dress.  As I dress you up in it you look like such a sweet little princess.  All that is left is for me to put this little white ribbon in your hair for you to be fully transformed into my little ab/dl baby girl.



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