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Craig frantically rummaged through his backpack, horrified to realize that he had forgotten to pack his extra diapers this morning! His wet diaper was close to sagging and it felt like if he pressed his thighs too close together that it would start to leak. He scurried out of the grocery store bathroom and made a straight line for the diaper aisle, hoping that he could find some  that would fit him, at least well enough for him to get home before anything bad happened. He nearly had a brand picked out when he heard some giggling close by and looked out the corner of his eye to see two pretty young ladies whispering to each other while they looked at him. Were they staring at his pants? Was his diaper bulging out that much?  He glanced down and was felt more than a little burning humiliation when he saw that it absolute was!

He wanted to leave, but he was stiff with embarrassment, hoping that they were laughing about something else and would walk away soon. That pleasant idea was shot to hell when they came over closer and started to talk with him!  They said that they didn’t mean to embarrass him, but they couldn’t help but notice that he was having a slight problem, and they didn’t think they he needed to walk all through the store in the shape his pants were in. He thought they were talking about his thick diaper, and that was bad enough but then one of them reached down to pull a section of his pants out far enough for him to see that it was wet! He had been so focused on them that he hadn’t even noticed… he was about to walk off himself when they grabbed the diapers that he’d been about to pick before and said that they would be more than willing to take care of his little problem for him. Before he could say a thing, they were pulling him back towards the bathroom, telling him that everything would be okay, that they would make things better.

They got him into the handicap stall, excusing themselves past a few other women already in there, saying they had to get through because they had a wet diaper on their hands! They had him lay down on the changing pad they pulled out of his backpack, snatched his pants to his ankles, and changed his wet abdl diaper right there! He looked to the side to see a little girl squatting down to peak at him underneath the stall walls and covered his face with his hands out of even more embarrassment, and he didn’t think that was possible! The girls finally finished changing his diaper and proceeded to walk him back to his car pant less through the whole store, since his pants were wet! The whispers and giggles while people started at him made him blush bright red, and he didn’t even think about telling them no, he just wanted to get out of there. Worse part was, even while he grumbling about how horrible all this was, he liked it a little bit too.

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